A couple of days ago VMware updated some of the Solution Competencies on the VMware Partner University. Some just got renamed, while others got updated with new and updated study material.

First of all, the 14th Solution Competency is introduced: Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) The Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) Solution Competency rewards partners for demonstrated expertise in VMware NSX® SD-WAN by VeloCloud™ the latest addition to VMware’s NSX portfolio and an industry leader in the growing SD-WAN market. This solution competency is ideal for partners who want to be a strategic advisor to customers who are looking to simplify their complex network, improve application performance and cut costs. To attain this new Solution Competency Partners need to complete 3 training plans with a least 2 persons:

– VSP – NS (Networking and Security 2018)
– Software-Defined Wide Area Network Post-Sales Accreditation
– VTSP – SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network 2018)

Second, the VMware Cloud Sales Institute (VCSI). A Partner Individual training plan so to speak. The VMware Cloud Sales Institute (VCSI) provides web-based courses that will better enable you to understand and position VMware Cloud technologies. The initial offering focuses on cloud fundamentals, as well as the basics of what you need to know to sell VMware Cloud on AWS. You will find:

Module 1: Cloud Essentials (25 mins)

• Program Welcome
• Cloud 101
• VMware Cloud on AWS 101

Module 2: VMware Cloud (35 mins)

• VMware Cloud Story
• Customer Outcomes
• VMware Cloud Services

Module 3: VMware Cloud on AWS (50 mins)

• Partner Programs
• VMware Cloud on AWS Use Cases
• Sales to Cash Process
• VMware Cloud on AWS Security

And, do not forget the value is 150 points towards the leaderboard. So it is worth taking a look. You can find the new corresponding VCSI badge under Achievements – Continuing Education.

Then, the new and updated VSP-NS (Networking and Security 2018).
Please note that VSP – NV was renamed as VSP – NS (Networking and Security 2018) and holds 200 points.

The network of the future is software-defined. A Virtual Cloud Network, built on VMware NSX technology, is a ubiquitous software layer from the data center to cloud to edge infrastructure. It provides a secure, consistent foundation that drives the business forward. This VSP introduces partners to the VMware vision for the future of networking, the Virtual Cloud Network. During the course, you will discover how the VMware Virtual Cloud Network vision empowers customers to connect and secure applications; as well as, examine the selling motions for VMware Networking and Security solutions and how market changes are driving change within customer environments.

Furthermore, we got an updated VSP & VTSP – Foundation 2018

The VMware Sales Professional and Technical Solutions Professional (VTSP) Foundation program provides information about VMware’s portfolio of solutions, and how they address customers’ business needs. It includes a whiteboard view showing how VMware solutions “fit” in on-premises verses off-premises environments. This program is intended to help Solution Engineers, Technical Solution Architects and other pre-sales individuals design the best VMware solutions possible given a customer’s requirements. Note that this program is also the recommended starting point before obtaining any Solution Competency-specific VTSP accreditation. And again, another 600 points can be earned towards the leaderboard.

Even so updated is VSP & VTSP – MBL (Mobility Management 2018)

These courses are designed to provide partners with the necessary knowledge to understand, advise on and solve many of the challenges faced during the implementation of Unified Endpoint Management. The goal is to enable partners to communicate the value proposition of the Workspace ONE solution and demonstrate value to customers. Achieving both of them gives you a total of 600 points as well.

Last but not least the VTSP – SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network 2018)

VTSP – SD-WAN focuses on NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud – the latest addition to VMware’s NSX portfolio and an industry leader in the growing SD-WAN market. This training plan provides the knowledge to develop basic solution expertise as well as strategies to position the solution into end customers. It is intended for those in a technical selling role. Achieving this one gives you another 400 points.

To receive credit for completing the accreditations and achievements, remember to subscribe first.


Happy learning.

Arjan Bodde

(*) Source: VMware Partner University.

Arjan Bodde Virtualization Consultant

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