VMware Explore was a blast en we are proud to have participated in so many sessions!

With a team of 85 ITQ’ers, we attended VMware Explore 2022 in Barcelona, Spain, 7 – 10 November 2022. During these four days, VMware offered many informative sessions, activities and programs that will guide you on your journey to multi-cloud.

Also many ITQ’ers presented sessions during this event and we can imagine that due to the wide range of sessions, you missed one of our sessions or would like to rewatch it. Good news! If you have a VMware Explore Login or a Partner Login, you can (re)watch our sessions.

ITQ sessions

We greatly enjoy sharing knowledge and we are really proud of participating ITQ’ers. In our previous post we told you which ITQ sessions you could attend. Below we will mention these sessions again with a link to the recordings of the session (if available). Log in with your VMware Explore or Partner account and enjoy watching!

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Barry van Kampen participated in this Breakout Session: Security Mindset: Changing The Way You Think About Enterprise Security

People are at the heart of the modern IT organization – designing, deploying, and managing the best enterprise environments in the world. As technology rapidly evolves, so too must the people that manage those technologies. This begins with a changing mindset towards roles, responsibilities, and processes. This opening session for Day in The Life of a Cross-Functional Security War Room starts by exploring the concepts behind mindset and why it plays so heavily into personal, professional, and corporate success. We will identify how Carol Dweck’s work on fixed and growth mindsets map to how organizations either fail or thrive in today’s rapidly changing world of enterprise technology. Hear from a panel of guest speakers on how changing the way you think about network and security can drastically change your own personal career journey.

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Robert Kloosterhuis presented Theater Session: TKG – Notes from the Field 

In this session I will cover some of our experiences at customers of deploying vSphere with Tanzu (TKGs) and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKGm), and other Tanzu products. Will include lessons-learned across areas of deployment, design, networking, storage, integration with NSX Advanced LoadBalancer (Avi) and other things worth thinking about when introducing a Kubernetes runtime.

Unfortunately, this session cannot be viewed (yet).

Robert Kloosterhuis presented the Breakout Session: Enabling Developer Agility with Tanzu at Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

In 2019 Statistics Netherlands (CBS) adopted VMware Tanzu Application Service in order to deliver a robust and powerful application platform to their development teams. In this session, we will talk about adopting an application platform, how best to enable developers, what workloads make a good match, and some of the lessons learned. We will also look at how CBS views the future of application platforms and discuss the move to Kubernetes as a universal runtime for both development and hosting of containerized workloads. Finally, we will discuss how tools such as VMware Tanzu Application Platform are the next step on the CBS journey to deliver a secure, consistent, and optimal developer experience.

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Luciano Patrao participated in this Breakout Session: How to Thrive in Today’s Remote or Hybrid Workplace

As organizations sort out what a “post-COVID” workplace looks like, many individuals and managers have already realized successful remote and hybrid workstyles. Join this session for a lively discussion and practical advice to help you thrive in a remote or hybrid workplace. A panel of your peers will be joined by Guadalupe Hugony. Senior Director of Employee Experience for End-user Computing (EUC) at VMware, to snare:

  • How to build an inclusive environment in a hybrid workplace
  • Lessons learned as individual contributors and people managers
  • Collaboration and productivity tips for extroverts and introverts
  • And much more Discover how you too, can thrive in the new normal

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Martijn van Tol participated in this Breakout Session: Google Keynote – Accelerate Transformation with Google Cloud VMware Engine

Organizations are looking to drive the complete transformation of their entire business by inventing new ways to accomplish their objectives using the cloud and Google Cloud is here to help you do just that. Google Cloud VMware Engine represents one of the fastest ways to migrate VMware workloads to the cloud without changes to your applications, policies or processes. Join us to understand why customers choose Google Cloud and learn how you can leverage existing investments, operations and tools to migrate your apps, and immediately access Google Cloud’s services across data analytics, networking, security and more.

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Johan van Amersfoort presented the Breakout Session: See the Value of a Complete Anywhere Workspace at the EUC Nerdfest 2022

After two years of showing the art of the possible of the VMware end-user computing (EUC) space—such as VDI platforms running AI/machine learning, Day 0/1 onboarding, and running VR workloads in VMware Horizon—it’s time for a third edition of this high-energy, demo-packed, real-world showcase session. This year, Johan van Amersfoort will focus on what’s possible when combining VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub with AI, security solutions, and VMware Horizon integration. This session will contain unique demos and show what employee experience, Zero Trust and self-service mean from a VMware perspective.

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Age Roskam, Jesper Alberts en Johan van Amersfoort presented the Breakout Session: Tales From the Trenches: How the VMware Anywhere Workspace Exceeds Employees’ Expectations

In this session, three industry veterans will demonstrate modern workspace management in a way that’ll blow your mind! They’ll take burning topics such as device enrollment, application deployment, the distribution of Windows updates, and security, and will show how capabilities of VMware’s Anywhere Workspace solution can not only simplify their management, but also what the resulting employee experience could be like. The session is based on a project where the three presenters joined forces to deliver something magical. This is a session you won’t want to miss!

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Christoph Villnow participated in the Breakout Session: Bring Dev and Ops together with Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations

As organizations seek to modernize workloads, developers look to public clouds to provide a consumable platform and increase agility, and to cutting-edge technologies to deliver applications rapidly. But multi-cloud has presented operators with even more complexity as they must now manage various public and private cloud properties, creating widely inconsistent experiences for operations and development teams. How do operators simplify infrastructure across clouds while ensuring security and compliance to provide a consistent cloud platform? In this session, hear from customers and explore how VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations and CloudHealth can address these challenges and bring a simplified and secure infrastructure across clouds while providing even greater visibility into both the platform and applications for operational insights.

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Robert Hellings participated in a Interactive Session: Accelerating Your Career: The Power of Mentoring

We believe that much of the VMware Explore audience will have a business priority in mind to nurture and develop talent in their respective businesses, and that mentoring is an excellent way of facilitating that. GenV is a community within the VMinclusion POD structure within the VMware EMEA organization, designed to help support and nurture early talent in the business. This session will be a panel discussion between colleagues in VMware and a VMware Partner who have experience of both traditional and reverse-mentoring relationships. In this interactive session, we’ll be talking about how make the most of a mentoring relationship and sharing advice with the audience.

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Richard van Dantzig participated in the Breakout Session: Keeping a University Medical Center running during a VCF transition

At University Medical Center Utrecht, the current VMware Cloud Foundation environment based on VXrail has become outdated. A new VMware Cloud Foundation environment is deployed to mitigate the current problems and be ready for future workloads. In this session, we will bring an overview of the challenges and possibilities of this project obtained from a product owner, architect, and consultancy partner view. Learn about how we did this IT operation while the surgeries in the medical center continued.

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Maarten Caus participated in the Breakout Session: How Can Great User Experience Improve Security?

In this ‘must-attend’ session, we’ll show you how you can improve both your employees’ IT user experience and security. It’ll be a fully interactive session with a stellar panel of legendary industry experts: VMware’s Ron Oglesby, Peter Björk, and Reinhart Nell, with Maarten Caus from VMware Partner, ITQ. Looking forward to seeing you there for some lively discussion!

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Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed the sessions. You can also (re)watch our live reports that we recorded during VMware Explore: Check out this playlist on YouTube.

If you have any questions, let us know: we love to get in contact with you!

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