VMworld 2019 Europe has ended and I think I can say that all ITQ team members have fully enjoyed it! The team spirit was enormously present and the atmosphere was, as always, very good. Just look at the photo below … I think that says enough, right?

A little later than planned, we would like to tell you something about day 3 at VMworld. My colleagues Maarten Caus, Samir Verkuijlen, Kabir Ali and Michael van de Gaer have written a good overview of all their highlights, so read on!

The highlights of Maarten Caus at VMworld 2019 – day 3

This day started with a great general session full off awesome demo’s off what’s possible with the new announced technologies.  Followed by Bear Grylls’ personal story of how he became a Marine Commando, how you have to keep growing and embrace your failures. It was a great and inspiring story.

Then it was time for the session of Johan van Amersfoort and Niels Hagoort on “How to fight cancer with VMware Technologies”.  They explained how you can leverage vGPU’s for machine learning and image recognition. It was one of the best sessions of the day!

Another great session was how to use REST API’s of VMware EUC portfolio and how you can create your own scripts and automations. They showed how you can edit users in WSO Access, create writable volumes all through REST API’s.

In the evening it was time for VMfest with the Stereophonics. They gave a great show and we had a great time.

The highlights of Samir Verkuijlen at VMworld 2019 – day 3
Great People, Great Conversations Great ses… wait?

Day 3 was a really cool day and maybe even one of the best. I planned lots of cool sessions and wanted to know more about NSX-T & vCF. So, in the morning I put on our “AJAX #ITQlife” shirt, with the idea that it could be a great conversation opener to meet new people. Being a PSV supporter, I had to step over some personal resistance, since it just didn’t completely feel right. But the Champions League is a valid reason to make an exception, even for Ajax . So, I went out for a coffee and before I knew it, all kinds of people walked towards me to start a conversation. From that point on, I met quite a lot of cool new people in the community, who then introduced me to other cool people as well, and before I knew it, I missed quite some sessions . I guess, I just have to knock on the door of my other colleagues for some cool updates. Luckily, there are 39 other ITQ’ers here, so I will definitely get my shot of techinezz back, one way or another.

So, few sessions for me this day, but I learned a lots of other stuff at the same time as well, and I guess that this is all part of the VMworld experience. There is so much to do, and everyone spends these days their own way, based on their own vision and needs. For me, this was actually one of the most valuable days at VMworld ever, and I encourage others as well to keep their schedule a bit open for these kinds of spontaneous actions.

One last note, I want to give a big thank you towards our Marketing team and ITQ in General. Every year they create such an awesome content that makes VMware even better and more memorable. ITQ creates and sponsors lots of events like the awesome trip towards the Super Computing Datacenter, the Benelux party and ITQ dinners in general. It is work in its best way and sometimes you don’t even realize that. It’s like going on a holiday trip with friends and family while learning so much stuff, and coming back with more energy, more knowledge and awsome new memories. It is work, but it doesn’t feels like it, which means both ITQ as VMware do an amazing job in creating this event. So, thank you for this .

The highlights of Kabir Ali at VMworld 2019 – day 3
With sore feet and blisters the size of 2 euro coins my VMworld 2019 comes to an end. As I’m writing this recap of my 3rd and final day, I take a moment to look back on the past three days…

Wow! Excitement! Fun! Those are the first three words that pop up in my mind. I had a really cool time! It’s my first VMworld as an ITQ-er. And to then see our cofounder on stage is just amazing! We as a team spend some good quality time with each other. For me, this was another moment to learn my fellow ITQ-ers better in a non-work environment.

With 14.000 attendees VMworld is the best place to meet up with former coworkers. So I kept some free time to catch up with them. It’s always nice to catch up, but doing it in Barcelona adds something extra to it.

Looking back on a technical level it was a fantastic VMworld for me! I got to know the scaling ins and outs of vSAN. The performance series changed my mind on how to answer performance questions. I really liked the whole performance series idea. I got to learn a lot! I hope VMware keeps this setup for the upcoming years as well. It’s time for me to pack my bags and head back home…

…knowing that I’ll be back!

The highlights of Michael van de Gear at VMworld 2019 – day 3
As usual, I started of Day 3 with the General Session on VMworld featuring some product demos supporting VMware’s Vision & Strategy. Bear Grylls joined the stage as guest speaker outlining his take on life, providing some change from the technology content.

Next up, I joined the Keynote Session on HCI ‘The Foundation of your Future-Proof Infrastructure’ where Cormag Hogan shared some nice live demos! Kubernetes, vVols, DR as a Service and much more! In this session I was one of the lucky ones to win an Amazon FireTV Stick 4K. Can’t wait to test this out!!

The real techie stuff started in the afternoon when we joined a vRA Design Studio Session. In these sessions VMware shares their design ideas and you can provide your input as a customer / partner. In my opinion, this is really valuable for all involved and helps us and VMware to better understand the current market demand, success stories and points of improvement.

Afterwards, we joined a ‘Meet The Expert Roundtable’ session regarding vRA 8 & Infrastructure as Code with Chris McClanahan. This 1 on 1 session was really valuable to get an insight into the product from the BU’s point of view, ask deep technical questions and share experiences! Cloud Assembly, Service Broker, Code Stream, vRO 8, it all comes together now.

My advise when you’re visiting VMworld and you want to make your mark? Join the Design Studio sessions & Meet The Expert Bars / Round Tables! Don’t be afraid to ask them anything and share product related experiences! I gained a lot of knowledge & insights today into vRA 8 and all its components.

For me the day ended with VMware Fest where we met some nice people, played ping pong and of course enjoyed the music.

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