I’m very proud we are nominated as Service Supplier of the year. In addition to proud, I’m also a bit surprised to be among companies like AT&T, IBM en Ricoh. As one of the founders of ITQ, I’m wondering why we have been nominated and this blog is my attempt to find out.

For starters, we make clear choices who we want to be and I believe this is one of the main reasons we have been selected. We know why we go to work every morning: with our Passion for Technology, we enable our customers to accelerate through agility. This is our WHY and it consists of three major parts.


We’re a tech company defined by our people. Our hand-picked IT specialists are the heart of our service to customers. The knowledge we sell through our people is our most important asset. We invest heavily in training and professional growth. Some examples are we allocate 200 of billable hours to educations, certifications, studies and professional growth in general. We travel the world to find the best trainings and we support the most ambitious goals like the VCDX status for our VMware consultants (only a few hundred in the world)


We have a customer intimacy strategy where we embrace our long-term customer loyalty strategy and tailored customer demands. Our main goal is helping them fulfill their business goals. Our ultimate goal is to help them beating their competition by bringing acceleration.


We believe strategic partners like VMware and Pivotal can help us deliver this acceleration through agility by their knowledge of the market, current customer set, and investment possibilities. That’s why we have, besides our customer intimacy strategy, also a product leadership strategy. Our main goal is to be the best professional service organization in EMEA with a special focus on Benelux.

In addition to our clear choices and focus on our WHY, we have one more outstanding element in the current market: we love to share our knowledge. We stimulate active participation in the communities by blogging and exchanging knowledge: over 150 blogs, vlogs, lightboards, whitepapers and reference cases have been published in H1-2018, covering the entire VMware and Pivotal proposition. We believe that power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it.

Later this month, we will know whether we’ve been able to capitalize our nomination. Although I certainly would like that, in a sense I don’t mind the outcome: I’m proud the team has worked hard to get us nominated and it is proof to me we’re doing the right things, even if we do these things in an alternative way. As well, it has given me some time to re-think why I do what I do.

Do what you love doing

Have any thoughts to share with me? I love to get feedback!

Francisco Perez van der Oord Founder

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