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VMware is an important player and innovator within the market for company software, services for data centres and cloud and edge computing. In cloud infrastructure and management, hyper-converged infrastructure, solutions for the digital workspace, software-defined networks and security, VMware is the market leader.

In addition, the company is also fully versed in designing and creating platforms for the construction and implementation of a wide and diverse range of applications. Carefully selected VMware specialists and partners help organisations to get the best from the top-class technology supplied by VMware. ITQ is one of those VMware specialists and is a long-established recognised VMware partner. This page has more information about the partnership between VMware and ITQ, as well as an introduction to our diverse VMware portfolio.

ITQ and VMware: solutions and technologies

As a VMware specialist and partner, the technologies supplied by VMware are intrinsically connected with many of our solutions. We support and deliver the complete VMware portfolio over five solutions.

Cloud Infrastructure
A safe, robust, flexible and scalable IT infrastructure is the foundation beneath your IT landscape and a condition for further growth. VMware Cloud Foundation supports both traditional enterprise applications as well as modern apps. It provides a complete set of extremely safe, software-defined services for computing, storage, network, security, Kubernetes and cloud management. The VMware cloud is compatible with both AWS and Azure, while the VMware HCX mobility platform significantly simplifies application migration. This allows you to streamline an important and potentially time-consuming process.
IT transformation services
Digital transformation does not exclusively revolve around using the right technology but also around your teams and the entire organisation. Are they ready for this process? And is there a clear vision to properly guide the digital transformation process? The IT transformation services from ITQ will help harness the full potential of VMware technology and add value to your IT investments.
Application Modernisation
Want to develop fast, more flexible and even more effective applications? Not a problem with VMware Tanzu and Tanzu Labs. These technologies enable you to harness the power of microservices, containers and Kubernetes. Do you want to use Kubernetes to create an overall consistent and good infrastructure, or manage, control and observe all clusters and apps centrally in all clouds? Do you want to enable your developers to work on applications independently and without distractions using self-service? This is all possible with VMware Tanzu and Tanzu Labs.
Advanced Security
Advanced security solutions are no longer a luxury nowadays but are absolutely vital for safeguarding the continuity of your business. A properly functioning IT environment is essential for pretty much every company process. And because cyber-attacks are now more advanced than ever, your security tools need to match them. VMware Carbon Black provides an impressive total package in the area of security. Consider the following features:
  • The platform analyses billions of security events every day. The result? You gain insight into the behaviour patterns of attackers, as well as insight into known and new cyber threats.
  • Managed detection provides insight into cyber threats and risks 24 hours per day, thanks to experienced and knowledgeable ITQ security experts who monitor your environment.
  • With advanced functionalities for threat intelligence, you can track abnormal activities within your own network faster and more easily.
VMware NSX Advanced Threat Protection brings your security to an even higher level. Through machine learning, the solution identifies and categorises (potential) threats and recognises malware that is specifically designed to bypass standard security tools. Thanks to this extra content, you reduce the number of false reports and can concentrate fully on addressing truly critical security incidents.
Digital Workspace
Happy employees make for happy clients: a customised digital work environment that combines user-friendliness with functionality, eliminates barriers and enables employees to do their work always and everywhere. With a combination of VMware Workspace One, VMware Horizon and VMware Horizon Cloud, ITQ delivers a high-quality and future-proof digital workplace (digital workspace).
  • VMware Workspace ONE integrates access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint in one platform and is available as a cloud service or on-premises. With this AI-based workspace platform, you can easily and securely deliver and manage any app on any device, everywhere.
  • With VMware Horizon, your IT team implements and scales virtual desktops and applications from one control panel with rapid delivery, computerisation and simplified management.
  • VMware Horizon Cloud delivers virtual desktops and applications from the cloud on any device from one cloud-based layer of control.

A successful collaboration

ITQ has over 20 years of IT consulting experience and is an experienced and recognised VMware specialist. Our Solutions have repeatedly been recognised by VMware and trade media as leading best practices in the market. VMware's solutions take customers further and help them beat the competition. We are proud of the partnership and grateful for every opportunity we're given. We value the many collaborations we have experienced as extremely pleasant and constructive.

Besides being a VM partner and specialist, here at ITQ, we have knowledge of and experience with technologies other than VMware. Do any of these other technologies better address an organisation's specific requirements? If so, we deploy them separately or possibly in combination with VMware.

More information

Would you like to know more about ITQ and VMware? And are you curious about what we, as VMware partner and VMware specialist, can do for your organisation? Then give us a call at +31 251 82 88 03 or complete the contact form on our website.

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