Recently, just before VMworld 2017 started in Barcelona, VMware updated and extended their e-learning modules in
the Partner University.The new VSP/VTSP – Solution Competency (SDDC): Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) accreditations
were made available as well as the Solution Competency (SDDC): Network Virtualization (NV). And of course not to forget the
VOP-SE (Subscriptions Expert 2017), VMware’s Subscription & Hybrid MA Services. Whether you sell, transact or manage hybrid MA subscription-based services, this is your course!.

Solution Competency (SDDC): Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI):
VMware vSAN™ is radically simple, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure. Seamlessly integrated with VMware vSphere® and vCenter Server™ , the single software stack enables the lowest cost and highest performance hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions. Uniquely embedded in the market-leading hypervisor, vSAN helps customers respond 10x faster to dynamic business demands, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by 50%, while scaling to meet the needs of tomorrow–from next-gen apps to the cross-cloud era.

The following VSP modules are new:

VSP – Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions Overview
VSP – HCI 2017: Applying vSAN Solutions in a Sales Opportunity
VSP – HCI 2017: VSP Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Test

The following VTSP modules are new:

VTSP – Introduction to VTSP Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
VTSP – Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions Overview
VTSP – VMware vSAN™ and HCI Fundamentals
VTSP – VMware vSAN™ and HCI: Validate and Prove
VTSP – HCI 2017: VTSP Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Test

Solution Competency (SDDC): Network Virtualization (NV)
The Network Virtualization Competency is designed to assist you in identifying networking and security opportunities within your existing customers; drive pipeline by identifying new customer opportunities; and increase revenue with VMware in the growing Software Defined Network market space. This competency provides opportunities to grow revenues and margins by extending service delivery offerings and building practices around helping customers create workflows, blueprints and catalogs, especially around third-party security integration products.

The following VSP modules are new:

VSP NV (2017) – NSX Network Virtualization Solution Overview
VSP NV (2017) – Applying NSX Solutions in a Sales Opportunity
VSP NV (2017) – Network Virtualization 2017 Test

The following VTSP modules are new:

VTSP NV (2017) – Introduction to VTSP Network Virtualization
VTSP NV (2017) – VMware Network Virtualization Fundamentals
VTSP NV (2017) – Technically Selling VMware NSX® Solutions
VTSP NV (2017) – Network Virtualization 2017 Test

VOP-Subscriptions Expert (SE)
This training provides the guidance and content you need to understand the quote-to-cash processes for VMware’s subscription-based offerings. Earning the VOP-SE accreditation badge validates your subscription operations expertise and is a core requirement for the Hybrid Cloud and DaaS Solution Competencies.

VOP-SE 2017: VMware Purchasing Programs – Subscriptions
VOP-SE 2017: Retain & Grow
VOP-SE 2017: Quote
VOP-SE 2017: Order
VOP-SE 2017: Invoice
VOP-SE 2017: Introduction to Subscription Services
VOP-SE 2017: Service Offerings
VOP-SE 2017: Test

The VSP/VTSP-HCI Accreditation is a current badge which holds 600 points towards the leaderboard and the
VSP/VTSP-NV Accreditation holds a 600 points altogether as well. Add to that the 400 points of the
VOP-Subscriptions Expert Accreditation and make a jump on the Leaderboard!.
Make sure to subscribe to the training plan if you want to gain points towards the leaderboard and track your progress
under “My Achievements” and “Transcripts”.

Happy training.

Arie-Jan Bodde


(*) Source: VMware Partner University.

Arjan Bodde Virtualization Consultant

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