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Data shows that 1 in 500 employees use their company device to access and consume CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material).

With the rise of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) on the internet, companies face two main risks: the ESG-related risk of having CSAM material in their IT environment, which can lead to a damaged reputation and loss of trust from customers and stakeholders; and the company risk of users accessing CSAM material, which can expose the business to all sorts of risks such as malware and ransomware since CSAM material is often found in dark and high-risk parts of the internet.

Understanding the problem

Shifts to remote and hybrid work have increased risk and uncovered cracks in businesses’ protection
64% of all organizations have experienced a case of CSAM in the last 5 years
1/500 individual access and consume child sexual abuse material using their work devices
These individuals have a highly elevated risk profile, exposing companies to threats

ITQ and NetClean

Through the partnership between NetClean and ITQ, we streamline the customer purchasing process and make it easier than ever to incorporate the NetClean product range into customers’ existing IT security and Workspace portfolio. NetClean’s scalable products are integrated with trusted global technology platforms such as VMware Carbon Black, VMware Workspace ONE, and Splunk Enterprise Security, and can easily be packaged as an MSP or SOC offering. 

Do you want to know more about our partnership with NetClean? Make sure to watch this ITQonversations video with Robert Hellings, CEO at ITQ and Anna Borgström, CEO at NetClean. In this video Anna and Robert discuss upon the CSAM topic, explain the risks involved and why these risks go beyond the CSAM topic itself and why ITQ and NetClean partner to help customers defend against the CSAM related risks.

Value and benefits of the Managed CSAM Protection Service

Organization & business

  • Eliminate the risk associated with CSAM consumption on a cyber security level and create a safer workplace
  • Help to make this society a more beautiful place


  • Minimal effort on maintaining the technology
  • Clear instructions and validated responsibilities to efficiently follow up incidents

Roles and teams

  • Sufficient instructions to address all concerns within the organization
  • Proper guidance to make sure incidents are handled with confidence


  • Never a “false-positive” incident
  • Certainty of functioning software without the effort of monitoring it

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