Protecting your organization: Understanding the critical threat of CSAM consumption in the workplace

Join ITQ and NetClean for a crucial webinar that addresses a risk often overlooked in organizational security: the consumption of CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material) on company assets. NetClean will talk about the growing risks associated with CSAM consumption, highlighting its spread in recent years and emphasizing why it demands the attention of all CISOs and security managers.

Discover how ITQ integrates NetClean into its service offering to strengthen organizational defenses against this insider threat. Unlike any other security tool on the market, NetClean equips organizations with unparalleled capabilities to detect and mitigate risks from CSAM consumption effectively. By bridging existing gaps in customer security setups, NetClean ensures powerful protection while also helping create a real societal impact.

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About NetClean:
We are pioneers in the industry with a clear mission: to assist CISOs in protecting their organizations against known threats currently overlooked by other security solutions. Our software serves as an alert system, detecting intentional actions that could jeopardize organizational assets. We guarantee the protection of your data, brand, and personnel.

The talks during this webinar:

Opening webinar by our host

NetClean Introduction

We Protect You from Insider Risk

Meet our speakers

Michaela Wigelius

Channel Business Developer at NetClean Technologies

Michaela Wigelius works as a Channel Business Developer at NetClean Technologies, a Swedish company with a global presence, that offers a security product that bridges an existing security gap by identifying deliberate actions that compromise company assets. Michaela’s primary role involves building and nurturing strategic partnerships across the Nordics and Benelux regions.With a solid background in security and a deep understanding of NetClean’s offerings, Michaela plays a crucial role in advancing the company’s mission and helping more organizations protect against the risks from CSAM. Her expertise in developing business relationships is instrumental in moving NetClean Technologies towards its vision: ensuring that all work devices worldwide are equipped with NetClean’s protective software.


Elin Sahlén

Channel Marketing Lead at NetClean Technologies

Elin Sahlén work as Channel Marketing Lead at NetClean Technologies, a Swedish company with a global presence, that offers a security product that bridges an existing security gap by identifying deliberate actions that compromise company assets. With nine years at NetClean, Elin has expansive expertise covering the technical aspects of the company’s products—from installation and customer support to the commercial side, including communication, marketing, and sales enablement activities. Her role involves close collaboration with the company’s Partner Sales Executives, ensuring a cohesive and effective market presence.


Thom Vessies

CCO / Sales & Marketing Director

I am Thom Vessies, the Chief Commercial Officer at ITQ. In my role, I am privileged to lead our efforts in delivering innovative IT solutions and consultancy services towards the market. I have dedicated my career to bridging the gap between technical potential and customer success. Not only by myself, but together with the knowledge of our great specialists. “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.” - Simon Sinek. Our mission extends beyond achieving customer success; we are committed to enhancing digital security and creating a safer online environment for all. A pivotal element of our strategy in this domain is our collaboration with NetClean. Our collaboration with NetClean exemplifies how we, at ITQ, leverage our expertise in technology to address complex security challenges. This partnership is a testament to our belief in the power of technology as a force for good, ensuring that our clients benefit from a secure, reliable, and ethically responsible digital environment.

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04 April, 2024
NetClean Introduction with Michaela and Elin
04 April, 2024
04 April, 2024
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April 4, 2024 15:00
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