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Modernise applications? Try out our free POC and experience for yourself the power of Kubernetes and containers.

If you want to grow as an organisation and be in a position to help your clients quickly, it is increasingly important to make technology a priority. When you consider applications, you know there’s a considerable gap between how applications work now and how they should work for your organisation. Modernising your application landscape can help your organisation to transform from the inside out and get you back on track to client success. Innovation and growth often go hand-in-hand, and ITQ will help you by providing free Proof of Concept for testing with containers, microservices and Kubernetes. As part of this POC, our consultants will guide your organisation to help you become familiar with this new technology. ITQ looks after the licensing and the infrastructure so that you can focus on simply using the platform. This technology will enable you to go back to prioritising your client.

Outdated monolithic applications are obstructing growth in the existing IT environment. To continue attracting clients, it is essential to make IT your focus and modernise these applications. Where previously an application consisted of pieces of code, it is now made up of several microservices. Through microservices, the application or website is subdivided into several ‘services’ which operate independently of each other, meaning you can add updates and new features more quickly.

Today, containers are frequently used to host these microservices. Containers are ideal for hosting such services. The main difference with a VM is that a container only virtualises the application layer and not the corresponding OS, for example. In this way, a container is often much smaller than a VM, and this difference is MBs for containers and BGs for VMs. An additional advantage is that containers often start up much faster than VMs. This generally has to do with the OS layer, as this does not have to be started up in a container. Containers are also easier to up or down-scale if an application is subjected to a high or low load, for example. As well as this, you are much less dependent on the underlying infrastructure, which means it is easier to migrate from on-premises to cloud environments or vice versa.

Developers can therefore avail of container technology; nevertheless, the responsibility for managing this platform across the board, including setting up security, lies with operations. Kubernetes is used in many organisations to manage containers. Kubernetes allows you to create a platform to bring developers and operations together. In many organisations , however, we still see a significant distance between developers and operations. Kubernetes is bringing these closer together, and developers continue to create and develop platforms while operations stay in control of the container platform without them obstructing each other.

How does ITQ ensure that container technology can also be used in production? During the initial two weeks of the POC, we will provide a full-time consultant to help your organisation get up to speed. In the final two weeks, the lines of communication remain short for pressing questions and support. After the POC, there is an evaluation to discuss how Kubernetes could eventually be deployed in production for your organisation.

Would your organisation also like to work with containers and Kubernetes? Do you currently have plans to modernise applications? Do you want to deploy Kubernetes on your VMware platform? Alternatively, do you wish to bring certain applications to the cloud? Contact us, and we can discuss the options available for your organisation, and you can try out our free Kubernetes POC for a limited period.

Robert Kloosterhuis Technologist Modern App Platforms

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