If you want to grow as an organisation and be in a position to help your clients quickly, it is increasingly important to make technology a priority. When you consider applications, you know there’s a considerable gap between how applications work now and how they should work for your organisation. Modernising your application landscape can help your organisation to transform from the inside out and get you back on track to client success.

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Get changes out the door rapidly
You are capable of capitalising on market changes quickly and effectively. Developers apply a standardised, safe and streamlined manner of value, and you don’t need to worry about the underlying infrastructure.
A safe Supply Chain
Large sections of the software are based on open source, but you still have control over what happens. You have complete insight into how the software is built and what kind of life cycle it has. Any vulnerabilities can be dealt with quickly.
A strong foundation for modern applications
Your developers can employ centralised, safe and self-service application platforms based on Kubernetes. These are managed by a dedicated team of experts whose objectives are optimum facilitation.

At ITQ, we work with Kubernetes. What are the advantages of this?

ITQ helps its clients get up and running by simplifying Kubernetes. We offer an ‘ITQ opinionated stack’ adapted to your organisation. This provides assurance that you’ve made the right choice in terms of functionality, security and reliability.

ITQ helps in the following areas:

  • Cloud Native App development
  • Application Modernisation
  • Automatisation
  • Data modernisation

Changing processes within a company can be very inconvenient. The transition to cloud-based solutions affects several departments and stakeholders. ITQ works according to an established method, and as a result, we have a proven track record in the area of transitions.

Consult & Envision
Build & Implement
Manage & Optimize

Kubernetes as a universal modern application engine

Kubernetes is now the best way to host large-scale containerised applications. However, it’s much more than simply a way of hosting containers. Kubernetes abstracts the underlying infrastructure to such a great extent that you can use it as a ‘universal’ application framework. The complete architecture of a modern application based on microservices, including all internal and external dependencies, can be described and therefore deployed in one manner.

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E-guide: Power-up your Developers

Is your current centralised IT organisation capable of supplying platforms like this?

In this e-guide, we explore some challenges you encounter while building and delivering modern application platforms, as well as the changes in culture and mentality necessary to enable developers to be truly versatile and to help them deliver value to your company more quickly.

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