Locked-down, but feels as speeding up…

Starting this newsletter with the topic Corona, feels somehow inconvenient. Surely, you feel already overwhelmed by all Corona news items, updates and messages. One more, is most probably not what you were waiting for.

However, I do have reasons to touch upon the subject…

First, we want to highlight our empathy to everyone that is impacted. For these amongst you, take care and we wish you all the best!

But, we also want to share some positive aspects of the situation we are in.

Internally at ITQ, we feel really proud about the reactions and behavior that is triggered by the situation we are all in. This newsletter is a good opportunity to thank all our ITQ’ers that are continuously contributing, sharing their constructive initiatives, helping our customers and finding ways of helping ITQ through this challenging phase. Thanks people!

Another positive perspective is the focus we see everywhere… Continuity of business doesn’t come naturally anymore. Unlocking creativity to solve issues, appears to become natural behavior. Urgency to ensure continuity, is becoming the standard and agility to react to surprises like Corona, is number one on the IT calendar.

Recently, I had a nice conversation showing an example. An ICT director of a municipality explained me their cost issues: all municipalities have simply less income and more expenses due to this crisis. Nevertheless, their reaction is not the reflex of cost cutting, but speeding up innovation and digitalization. Beneficial to everyone, citizens can do their requests from home more often and with faster response, the employees have increasingly more collaboration tools and can work anytime anywhere, the (local) business and entrepreneurs have continuity of income in these tough times and structurally it delivers this municipality a more agile and cost effective situation.

It is just an example. Often, I hear a lot of critical opinions about (local) governments, but we do see a lot of focus and creativity in counterattacking this current worldwide challenge. Precisely in these times, such examples as this municipality, do initiate a big step forward.

It appears we are not only locked down by Corona, it also feels as speeding up…

Enjoy reading!

Robert Hellings


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