Many organizations have the need for a modern Data Center. This need is often driven by the business, which demands flexible IT services and a quick responding IT department. Meanwhile, cost, security and availability are of importance. IT organizations are directed to do more with less and need to be prepared for the ever-changing business needs.

Modernizing a Data Center is a complex and time consuming task. A lot of components are involved (compute, networking, storage, applications, ..) and they all have their own interactions and dependencies. Once the Data Center is ready, organizations are facing a new challenge: keep the environment up-to-date.

VMware has an offering that can help you with this, VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). VMware Cloud Foundation provides an automated installation of a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). While building a traditional Data Center requires thorough knowledge of the components and extensive testing after deployment, a VCF deployment delivers a complete Software-Defined Data Center, installed and configured according to VMware’s own best practices and the VMware Validated Designs. It dramatically reduces the time needed to deploy a Software-Defined Data Center, from months to a few days. No need to create and validate your own designs. Once installed, business requests for new resources can be honoured by triggering an automated process that delivers the required resources. There is no need to have all the separate teams (compute, storage, networking) involved.

VMware Cloud Foundation delivers an Enterprise-Class Data Center on-premises and includes all latest technologies:

  • Security with Micro Segmentation
  • Network virtualization with NSX
  • Cost-effective storage with vSAN
  • Automated deployment and monitoring with vRealize Suite
  • Automated patching and upgrading of the vSphere stack
  • Optional: a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

All products are installed automatically on validated, on-premises hardware. The overall management tool however enables extension to a Public Cloud to enable the path to a Hybrid Cloud.

Do these challenges sound familiar? Are you considering a renewal of your Data Center? ITQ is happy to invite you to any of the VMware Cloud Foundation roadshows or at the VCF session on our Transform! event on November 21st. It will provide you with all insight needed and what this product can do for you and your organization.










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