I started my VCDX Journey in January 2020, in a previous post I wrote: “Why I Want to become a VCDX?” If you have not read it, I recommend you read it before continuing.

In this post, I’ll explain how I got started and how YOU start your OWN VCDX Journey.




Start with a clear why for Yourself!

For me, this is the most important foundation for your journey.  You need to think this trough because the journey to become a VCDX is challenging and there might be times you want to quit. I underestimated the VCDX Journey, even when I was warned multiple times. Without a clear why I would have quit. When you face a challenge or an obstacle and you feel like giving up go back to your WHY! This has helped me multiple times. My why is that the VDCX Journey will help make me grow,  I want to prove my skills as an architect and I like the challenge.

Read the Blueprint

All the information you need to get started on YOUR VCDX Journey is in the blueprint for your track. I can not stress this enough because I often see questions about VCDX on social media and the answers are in the blueprint. You don’t go hiking without a (Google)Map. You don’t start YOUR VCDX Journey without reading the blueprint. So what should you do after defining YOUR Why? READ THE BLUPRINT!

VCDX Blueprint

Don’t forget the W(H)AF!

WAF stands for Wife (Husband) Acceptance Factor. YOUR VCDX Journey will take up a lot of your personal time. Explain to your wife (or husband ofc) and family why you want to undertake this journey. (Now you know why you have to start with a clear WHY)


Find a Mentor

You don’t have to undertake the VCDX journey alone. There are existing VCDX’s who are willing to help you out. Luke did not become a Jedi without the help of Grandmaster Yoda. On vcdx.vmware.com you’ll find the VCDX directory. You can filter on your track and mentor.  You can contact them on Twitter or through their website/blog.

VCDX Directory

Join the VCDX Prepgroup Slack Channel

There is a VCDX Prepgroup Slack Channel you can join but it invites only. If you have achieved your VCAP’s you contact Gregg Robertson VCDX205 to add to the Slack Channel. You can also contact him if you have any questions about VCAP exams or if you did not receive your badges. You can contact him on Twitter @GreggRobertson5.

VCDX Journey Part 2: How do I get started?

Create a plan

You can build a house without a plan. You can’t start YOUR VCDX Journey without a plan. Check when you can submit your design on vcdx.vmware.com. If you have the submission date you can easily work backward to the date you want to start. Create your plan SMART (Specific Measureable Achievable Realistic and Time-related). First start with a year plan, then a monthly plan and finally a week plan.

Maarten Caus VCDX Planning


If you have any questions about how to get started or if you have any tips you want to share. Feel free to reach out and I’ll add them to this blog. #VCDX #ThereIsNoTry

There is no try


The original article was posted on: maartencaus.be

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