Before I jump into: why I want to become a VDX, let me first explain what it is. VMware Certified Design Expert is the highest level of certification. VCDX recognizes IT professionals who design, build and manage VMware solutions and systems.

There are 4 different tracks:

  1. VCDX – Data Center Virtualization
  2. VCDX – Cloud Management and Automation
  3. VCDX – Desktop and Mobility
  4. VCDX –  Network, and Virtualization



Why do I want to become a VCDX?

Personal Development

I always want to grow and improve my personal and professional skills and, I like a challenge. Since I joined ITQ, I saw other people grow and that triggered me. I strongly believe in our quote: We believe sharing knowledge is more important than hoarding it! That’s why I started blogging and public speaking. I’m very grateful that VMware rewarded me with the VMware vExpert title in 2019 for my efforts. I want to achieve the VMware Certified Design Expert Desktop and Mobility. In 2o19 I achieved the VCAP-DTM Design and VCAP-DTM Deploy. It took a lot of effort, but now I can start my VCDX journey.

Prove my skills as an Architect

In the past, VMware technologies were less complex than they are today. You need a skilled architect to translate the Why and Business Requirements into a design (the How and the What). In the past, I  have done several projects where costumers started a project without Business Requirements or a clear Why/ Vision. For example, the customer already bought new hardware, licenses… This involves certain risks and constraints. The hardware might not be sufficient to host all the different workloads or the licenses might limit the possible solutions. If you have no Business Requirements or a clear Why how can you validate your project? That’s why I want VMware to test my skills as an architect in my VCDX journey.

vEUC Techcon 2019

I like the challenge

I always try to push myself and achieve the best. I once read a quote: growth happens outside of your comfort zone. If I take to look at my personal life and my career, this is totally true. I have faced many challenges and made a lot of mistakes, but it made me who I am today.
I attended a VCDX wor

kshop at Empower in Lisbon and at VMworld in Barcelona. After hearing the journeys of existing VCDX’s and how they all faced different challenges. They all agreed on the fact that they would not be where they are today without there VCDX journey.
That’s when I knew I wanted to become one!

Why should you become one too?

  • It will help grow your career!
  • Validate that you can translate business requirements into a solution design
  • Become a part of an elite group of VMware Certified Enterprise Architects
  • It’s THE highest VMware Certification
  • Because it’s just awesome!

Where can you find more information?

VCDX Journey Part 1: Why do I want to become a VCDX?


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