Robert Kloosterhuis, 2 march 2021

Found myself is a situation where I had to restart fluentd on every VM in a 130-node (!) TKGi(PKS) Kubernetes cluster.

Fluentd is managed through Monit, and you can run a command through the Bosh ssh command. In this case: sudo monit restart fluentd

So one of the customer admins that is way more fluent in bash that me, made this.

bosh -e <your bosh env> -d service-instance_e30c8cc7-ada0-4e70-9e72-455682749aaa vms | 
awk '{print "bosh -e <your bosh env> -d service-instance_e30c8cc7-ada0-4e70-9e72-455682749aaa ssh "$1" -c "sudo monit restart fluentd""}' 

And then simply check and run



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