VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) is methodically expanding to multiple global AWS Regions. With regions available now in London, Ireland, Frankfurt and soon Paris, Sweden and more, VMC is taking Europe by storm and making the hybrid cloud real ... even for your traditional applications! This is important because there are potential risks involved with moving traditional stateful applications that were designed for a traditional data center, to a cloud service that was designed for cloud-native stateless apps. You see, traditional apps rely on robust infrastructure and hyperscale cloud infrastructures are designed to fail:

"Building a reliable application in the cloud is different than building a reliable application in an enterprise setting. While historically you may have purchased higher-end hardware to scale up, in a cloud environment you must scale out instead of scaling up. Costs for cloud environments are kept low through the use of commodity hardware. Instead of trying to prevent failures altogether, the goal is to minimize the effects of a failure within the system." (from Designing resilient applications for Azure)

Data Center Consolidation
Replatforming or rearchitecting traditional applications into cloud-native applications can be hard, time-consuming and will demand a serious effort. VMware Cloud on AWS, on the other hand, runs the same robust infrastructure we all have been relying on for years out of AWS cloud data centers. Moving traditional workloads out of a VMware data center into VMC is easy and painless thanks to the consistent infrastructure layer and the power of VMware HCX for bulk and/or live migrations. VMC customers have evacuated entire data centers with hundreds and hundreds of VMs over the weekend. Imagine your commercial data center contract is coming up for renewal or, in a more grim scenario, you need to rebuild one of your data centers from scratch due to a catastrophic event. Just imagine how easy it would be to spin up a fully managed SDDC in under 120 minutes with the flexibility of scaling up and down on demand, or entirely killing the service (and the costs involved) with the click of a button. VMC is a game changer for data center consolidation!

Disaster Recovery as a Service
Building and maintaining a secondary data center for Disaster Recovery (DR) can be very expensive. Not having a DR site, on the other hand, can be too great a risk for your business. What if you lose your data center or what if you are impacted by a prolonged outage? The financial impact of doing nothing can be devastating to your business because nowadays digital is the norm and IT often is an integral part of your primary business functions. To protect your business, you need to guarantee business continuity by leveraging disaster recovery capabilities. Pay-per-use pricing is a fundamental part of the cloud consumption model and makes Disaster Recovery another extremely compelling use-case for VMC. Imagine having Disaster Recovery delivered to you as a service with granular, on-demand pricing. Imagine being able to perform non-disruptive testing of your DR runbooks, executing automated failovers plus failbacks and getting access to detailed reporting. VMware Site Recovery delivers all this with per-VM pricing and without you having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

If you’re a business leader, technical founder, or architect from a cloud service provider, a data center or hosting provider who is eager to learn how to run lean - and scale fast to build your next big thing for your customers join us at the Amazon Web Services for Data Centers event in Amsterdam on March 6th. I will be presenting "How VMware Cloud on AWS completely changes the art of what is possible for Managed Services”. Please click here to register.

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