A dream job is obviously a very personal notion. I personally think it depends on what stage you’re at in your life. What do you long for at this moment in your life. What are the things that make you feel challenged and balanced at the same time.

For me a dream job means that you go to work with pleasure and leave with gratitude and self-recognition. A job that gives you energy for the next day.

The last 3 years of my life I have not listened to my intuition and stepped over a lot of boundaries without me acknowledging it. It came to a point that I didn’t even notice that my job did not fulfill my needs anymore. I liked my job in the hospitality, and I didn’t go to work with reluctance, but that was what I thought was ‘enough’ to settle for.

When I came to my senses and realized I was unhappy with how my life was going I pulled the plug for myself and threw myself out there. I felt the need to develop myself in a way I would feel challenged again. Maybe I was even looking for some sort of anxiety to teach myself how to deal with being outside of my comfort zone.

That’s when I came across the vacancy of HR/Support Employee and had such a nice and warm feeling with this company. I even thought that it was too good to be true until I had my first couple of interviews.
I felt welcome and accepted. I didn’t have an education that fitted the job, but the click was there, and I think ITQ is willing to give everyone a chance not based on your experience or education, but if you can add something to the company with your personality. And that is why I think ITQ gave me my dream job in this stage of my life. Of course, I am not there yet, and I still have a lot to learn, but I am so happy I am able to do this with this company where every single colleague is approachable.
I feel challenged again and I am grateful that the ITQ family has received me the way that they have done.

I would say, if you are openminded, are able to add something to the company with your way of thinking, your skills, and the will to learn and grow, ITQ will welcome you with open arms!

Elisa Ketting Olivier HR employee

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