I have been working with VMware EUC products for about 5 years now and at some point, you are looking for a job where you can find challenges and where you are taken out of your comfort zone. But where can you find that job in a world where many companies are eager for IT professionals?  

I was looking for a dream job, so I asked Chat GPT what a dream job is: “A dream job is a term used to describe a job or career that perfectly aligns with an individual's passions, skills, and interests. It's a job that brings a sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, and happiness to the person doing it”. for me, this is the correct explanation. 

I have found the solution and that is ITQ, here I am constantly working on new products and services, and I can then implement them. Getting out of my comfort zone is done by making YouTube videos of the new services with the vendor about their products. I never thought I would undertake this, but you will be helped to achieve this great result, which gives you a great feeling, I can say it from experience. 

And I haven't even talked about the company culture yet, the company culture is at an all-time high, and what is done for the staff is fantastic. I will mention a few things about the culture, really appreciated, open culture, balance between work and private life, fun, guidance, and I can go on. 

At ITQ there are so many things that make it a great employer, such as the culture, the gym, the great colleagues, the great t-shirts, and belonging to the ITQ family. 

After working for ITQ for more than eight months, I can honestly say that I feel at home. 

I hope for great assignments in the future and, after recording the videos, I also see myself presenting at events. These are the next steps in my ITQ career. 

If you find this story interesting and would like to know more about ITQ or you are looking for your dream job at ITQ. Please feel free to contact me. 

Dennis de Kok Virtualization Consultant

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