At ITQ, our ethos is deeply rooted in sharing knowledge and fostering mutual learning. These principles are not just part of our culture but the cornerstone of our innovation and growth strategy. 

Our commitment to Open Source is a testament to this ethos. We don't just embrace Open Source; we actively contribute to and invest in it, reinforcing our dedication to collaborative development . This commitment enables us to harness the power of collective innovation, access an expansive talent pool, and dive into a vast ecosystem of community-driven advancements. The result? Enhanced quality and functionality of our services, promoting interoperability, and setting new benchmarks for industry standards. 

But our engagement with the Open Source community goes beyond participation. ITQ proudly stands as a Silver Member of both the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and the Linux Foundation (LF), two of the most pivotal organizations in shaping the future of technology. This partnership underscores our commitment to leveraging and contributing to the forefront of technology innovation. Being part of these foundations allows us to influence the trajectory of Open Source projects, engage in thought leadership, and contribute to a sustainable, innovative technological ecosystem. 

Our involvement in Open Source and membership in the CNCF and LF promotes goodwill among developers, platform engineers, and customers, encouraging platform adoption and loyalty. This reflects our dedication to excellence, our belief in the power of community, and our commitment to building an open and collaborative technological future by integrating open-source technologies from our various partners for our clients. Through these efforts, ITQ continues to lead by example, proving that knowledge sharing and collaboration enable progress and create a more inclusive and innovative world. 

Journey in Cloud-Native Solutions

At ITQ, our unwavering commitment revolves around cloud-native solutions, enabling developers to create software that meets modern requirements and platform engineers to build robust cloud-native platforms. After assessing the skills of your teams and in line with your strategy, we help you co-develop your development teams to master cloud-native best practices and co-build a platform engineering team to offer a cloud-native platform which will simplify its adaptation by developers. We collaborate with industry leaders as our cloud native partners, demonstrating our mastery of modern application development and cloud native platforms. 

This collaboration fuels innovation, but also strengthens our position as a trusted partner for our customers. Additionally, collaboration with our cloud native partners solidifies our commitment to cloud native technologies, positioning us as a leading partner in the cloud native ecosystem. 

Our strategic alignment with our cloud native partners grants us unparalleled access to a broad range of open source technologies that drive the cloud native ecosystem. By leveraging these resources, we have extensive experience enabling our customers to realize the full potential of cloud-native solutions. At ITQ, we are leading the charge in helping organizations thrive in an ever-changing digital landscape. We champion agility, scalability and innovation, enabling businesses to achieve their goals with confidence. 

Stéphane Este-Gracias Cloud-Native Transformation Catalyst

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