In this post in the Lightboard Series, I would like to dive into VMware Horizon DaaS. For those who don’t know what Horizon DaaS is, it’s VMware’s Desktop-as-a-Service solution that can be used by service providers to provide their customers or resellers with a multi-tenant VDI from the cloud offering. VMware acquired Desktone in 2013, which lead to the development of this stack. For a while, customers could run desktops from VMware’s own Horizon Air offering, but this doesn’t exist anymore. Horizon DaaS differs a lot from the on-prem VMware Horizon offering. The architecture is completely different, as is the way desktops are being provisioned and brokered.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Desktone

In the following videos, I am joined by the guys from

Let’s start with the basics

In the first video, Marc Roeleveld and I explain the basics of VMware Horizon DaaS and how it differs from VMware Horizon (formerly known as Horizon View).


In the following video, Marc and I dive into the multi-tenancy structure and how the roles within Horizon DaaS are separated.


In the next video, Sander van Gelderen and I dive into the architecture and explain how they are linked to each other. We also explain how they are connected to the backend systems.


In the last video, Matthijs Hesterman and I dive into the networking part. Since customers can consume a desktop, but also integrate with both IaaS platforms, but also on-prem components, networking is seriously important.

With this post, I hope you got some more insights into VMware Horizon DaaS. The next post will focus on NVIDIA vGPU and GPUs in general (as part 2 of this post).

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