In the past 2 years, I’ve recorded quite a number of lightboard videos. In a series of blog posts, I would like to highlight the videos and explain some background behind the video and technologies used. This post is about NVIDIA vGPU and contains a deep dive into how NVIDIA vGPU, VMware Horizon, and VMware vSphere work together.

The history of Graphical Acceleration in VMware Horizon

In this first video, Jared Cowart and I explain the history of graphical acceleration support in VMware Horizon. Soft 3D, vSGA, vDGA, and vGPU are all covered.

What is NVIDIA vGPU?

In this video, Jared and I specifically dive into NVIDIA vGPU and cover some of the most common use cases.

Using vRealize Operations to monitor NVIDIA vGPU

In this third video of the NVIDIA vGPU Lightboard post, Jared and I cover the integration between VMware vRealize Operations and NVIDIA vGPU to monitor vGPU profiles and physical Tesla GPU cards.

What to expect next?

In the next couple of months, you can expect more posts in this series as there are a lot more videos lined up. The next post will dive a bit deeper into NVIDIA vGPU and GPUs in general.

You can find an aggregated list of these videos here.

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