It was July 2019 when it all started :) A happy beginning I must say. I was working with a large organization for a long time and was on deputation assignment in the Netherlands for 1.5 years at that time. I wasn't actively looking for a job change but I got a call from a recruitment firm, and they shared a few opportunities to have a look and ITQ was one of them. From the very first impression, it looked really cool and I agreed to discuss it further with the recruitment team.

The recruitment team arranged a meeting at the ITQ office and that's when I realized it's not that near for a quick visit and was a bit hesitant for logistic reasons. To my surprise, I received a call from the recruitment team, understanding my hesitation and they proposed to arrange the meeting at a location of my choice.

It was such a nice gesture and indication for me as to how adjusting and comforting the ITQ team is. And then I got a chance to meet my former manager Ruurd, with whom I had a casual discussion about vision on Cloud Foundry and a bit of logistics. My first meeting ended with very positive vibes and the next meeting was planned with Paul. I was excited and in a panic mode at the same time because coming from a large organization where most of the time you are just an employee number, this was my first chance to meet one of the ITQ founders, but the discussion went really well, and Paul made me feel so welcomed and comfortable.

Till that date, I didn't have the perfect answer when somebody asked me “What is your dream job?”, but that day I realized this my “DREAM JOB”!

I joined ITQ in November 2019 and it really gave me a great platform to learn, adapt and implement technologies around the Cloud Native landscape. It’s been a great journey so far where you are constantly challenged and pushed to come out of your comfort zone, but you also get never ending support from your amazing and super talented colleagues.

You might find other jobs around your technical skillset but if you are looking for a job with:

  • Company culture where you are always valued
  • Great learning atmosphere
  • Constant support to achieve your goals and sharpen your skills
  • Perfect personal-professional life balance
  • Workplace with amazing people and a fun environment

Do you want to find out what does your DREAM JOB looks like? Please look at our job offerings!

Kriti Singh Virtualization Consultant

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