In a previous post, I explained why you should attend VMworld Europe 2018. Last week, I went to VMworld 2018 Europe in Barcelona with my ITQ colleagues. It was my second VMworld Europe, but my first with my new (awesome) ITQ colleagues.

A small tip, If you never went to Barcelona and you want go to VMworld Europe next year:  Fly in a few days earlier so you can visit Barcelona. It’s a beautiful city and worth a visit!

So how was it?

It was an amazing week, with a lot of  great parties, delicious tapas and a lot of swag! Thanks for reading. 😅
Sorry, I couldn’t help myself for that joke. Let’s brake down my VMworld Europe 2018 experience day by day.


After a great visit to Barcelona with my girlfriend it was time to travel to Fira Barcelona Gran Via. On Monday I attended a NSX-T Technical workshop and a Workspace ONE UEM Airlift meeting with Aaron Black. The NSX-T workshop was a great session, covering from what is NSX-T, Architecture and best practices. After the Workshop I went to a Workspace ONE UEM Airlift meeting with Aaron Black. We talked about what our experience was with the product, and things we were struggling with. It was a great discussion with Aaron, and he told us a little bit about the road map of Workspace ONE UEM. I can’t tell you what we talked about, but great stuff is coming in the first quarter of 2019! I’ll write a blog about it when it’s GA!

How was VMworld Europe 2018?

After eating some delicious tapas it was time for the BeLux appreciation party. It was a great party with a lot of BeLux customers at the Maritim Restaurant in the port of Barcelona. Big thank you to the VMware BeLux Marketing team for organizing the event! Kim Bottu vExpert Pro and Stijn Depril Captain vSAN had a great time at the party!


After a short but good night’s sleep I was ready for day 2. Tuesday started with an awesome general session: Technology Super Powers with Pat Gelsinger. He talked about a lot of topics, but what I loved was to use TECH as force for good. He talked about how VMware technologies help organisations, like the Red Cross and Mercy Ships to do good. On Tuesday I attended a lot of sessions. I can’t talk about all of them, but all of them were great!

How was VMworld Europe 2018?


In the afternoon it was time for the EUC Keynote. It was a great session with a lot of announcements and great demos. The session was recorded and you can watch it online here.

After the EUC keynote Brian Madden organized an event EUC Community Tech Talks aka a Geek stuff, beer and Catalan cuisine.  You might know Briand Madden from Briforum.  It was a great event in which community speakers could present something EUC, but a little different. With a lot of really skilled EUC people in the audience, you can imagine that it’s quite hard to present something that the audience didn’t know yet.

How was VMworld Europe 2018?

One of the sessions was given by Johan Van Amersfoort, Author of the VDI Design Guide, EUC Archtitect at ITQ and my mentor. He gave a great session about running a F1 Simulator on VDI!

After the EUC Community Tech Talks I went to the Dutch Costumer Appreciation Party. It was a great party with many dutch costumers. I had a great Time! A big thank you to my employer ITQ for sponsoring the event!


Day 3 started with another general session Pioneers of the Possible. One of the speakers was Martha Lane Fox. She talked about being responsible with technology. It was a great session with a lot of insights and a touch of humor.

I also attended a session: Design Deep Dive: Cloud Burst with Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud Powered by AWS. It was a great session about what’s possible with Horizon on VMware Cloud Powered by AWS. Some of the uses cases were: on-demand capacity, business continuity and disaster recovery. VMware also announced support for App Volumes and Instant Clones on AWS.

How was VMworld Europe 2018?After the sessions it was time for the Costumer appreciation party! The Rolling Stones cover band and The Kooks gave there best, and it was a great party.

How was VMworld Europe 2018?

After the Costumer appreciation party me and my ITQ colleagues held our own ITQ VMworld After Party. Thanks guys for a great night!


Last day of VMworld I did a few more sessions, and the one I want to mention is NSX Data Center Micro-segmentation Best Practices for Horizon and Citrix VDI Environments. It was a round table discussion with Geoff Wilmington. I was the only attendee, so we had great talk.

I made a Vlog about My VMworld 2018 Experience with Stijn Depril from vMusketeers:


I want to thank my employer ITQ that made it possible to attend the event, and I hope to see you next time!


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