When trying to remove a networkpool in SDDC Manager which had no more hosts connected to it VCF still thinks there are a couple of ip’s in use which is not the case. This is how we fixed the networkpools in VCF so they are actually empty with VMware Support. Make sure before you do any of the below you make a snapshot of the SDDC Manager appliance!

psql -h localhost -U postgres -d platform
select id,type,used_ip_addresses from vcf_network where type='ISCSI';
update vcf_network set used_ip_addresses='' where id='IDENTIFIER HERE';

Use this for every type of pool you have. above command clears out the used ip table. after this you need to update the free ip table as well :

select id,type,free_ip_addresses from vcf_network where type='ISCSI';
update vcf_network set free_ip_addresses='["","","",""]' where id='IDENTIFIER HERE';

Make sure you UPDATE the table with the ip’s and include all the current ip’s in it because it will take your command literal and insert only the ip’s you specified in the command.

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Paul van Dieën Virtualization Consultant

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