I went searching the internet for a way to get the VIB versions of all hosts within specific clusters and ended up with a nice piece of code.

$vCenter = "vcenter.demo.com"

$vmhosts = ( get-cluster -name "cluster"  | get-vmhost )

Connect-VIserver -server $vCenter

$result = @()

foreach( $vmhost in $vmhosts ){
$esxcli = get-esxcli -vmhost $vmhost
$result += $EsxCli.software.vib.list() | where {$_.Vendor -match "NVIDIA"} | select Name,Version,Vendor,CreationDate,@{n="VMhost";e={$vmhost.name}}

$result |  export-csv -path C:nvidiaversions-$($vcenter).csv -notype

This is what the output looks like:

Just a nice little piece of easy to use code to get information of your environment!

The original article was posted on: www.hollebollevsan.nl

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