In the first half of 2020, many organisations have experienced the importance of a Digital Workspace. Being able to rapidly increase the number of remote workers, securing their way of working, and stay in control of the user experience, are a couple of the focus areas of many IT teams. At a certain customer, the team who manages the Digital Workspace platform, is currently even known as “The Superhero Team” because of the incredible service they have delivered during the pandemic. Most organisations have similar experiences, but everyone of them is different. This is because of something we call the Digital Workspace Journey.

Throughout the past years, we have talked to a lot of customers. And although all of them are different, they share a common ground. The common ground can be found in the themes of their projects, challenges, and strategies. The reason for that common ground has to do with changes that every organisation faces. Challenges like a Windows 10 migration, increased security demands, and cloud integration are just some of them. We also know that it can be difficult for organisations to determine what and how technology can help them with those challenges, and especially how to start.

This is why we introduced a new service called the Workspace ONE Kickstart Service.In this service, we focus on the most common challenges that a customer might be facing. The challenges can be found in the following themes:

  • Modern Management – Migrating to-, and managing Windows 10-based devices through the use of cloud-first technologies and solutions
  • (Intrinsic) Security – Being in control over data, applications, intellectual property, and avoiding abuse and misuse of the Digital Workspace
  • Compliancy – Ensuring your organisation stays compliant to government, healthcare, or other industry-specific regulations (such as NEN7510, ISO, or HIPAA)
  • BYOD – Offering flexibility of devices, while maintaining zero-trust security model and moving towards an OpEx model
  • Identity Management – Simplifing password management, increasing user experience through SSO, and automating onboarding and off-boarding of employees
  • Remote Working – Enabling your organisation to work independent of the location, and staying in control over the performance and costs of the back-end
  • Workforce Continuity – Being able to ensure access to the corporate workplace, also during disasters, work location changes, and things like acquisitions
  • Application Sprawl – Reducing shadow IT and create a corporate application store in which employees can access apps and data in the most intuitive way
  • Exployee Experience – Take the service of your IT department to the next level and let them become a true business parter to your organisation

When looking at the above themes, we can imagine that it might cause you to loose focus on your own next steps. This is where we can help.

The Workspace ONE Kickstart Service will help you to see how your top IT and Business priorities can be solved with VMware’s Workspace ONE solution. Our specialists will guide you through a discovery workshop and translate your business outcome into a bespoke Digital Workspace solution. Within just a couple of weeks, you will have your very own Workspace ONE platform, fully integrated into your business and tailored to your industry and needs. It’s ready to be consumed by your employees and managed by your IT specialists.

If you like to know more about the Workspace ONE Kickstart Service or any other way we can help you in your own Digital Workspace Journey, feel free to contact us!

Johan van Amersfoort Chief Evangelist

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