While every customer is increasingly looking to use cloud services as part of their IT strategy, we see a lot of customers struggling with the realization of this strategy. Integrating cloud services, such as Azure or AWS with your VMware based data center can be really challenging. There are two fundamental challenges you are likely facing:

  1. Native public clouds are inherently different from VMware based data centers – VMware data centers are built for reliability and resiliency. They use enterprise-grade hardware and VMware technology to make sure the infrastructure is always-on. Your existing applications have always been relying on this robust vSphere infrastructure to meet your business requirements. Native clouds are built to optimize economic value and they push the responsibility of meeting business requirements to the application layer itself. Applications need to be resilient and self-proficient without relying all too much on the underlying cloud infrastructure. You will probably need to convert (refactor or replatform) your applications to guarantee business requirements such as availability and reliability in a native public cloud. This can be an extremely difficult and time-consuming endeavor.
  2. Native public clouds are effectively new silos – public clouds are effectively new silos within your existing IT landscape with their own technology stacks, toolsets, processes, operational procedures and so on. It can be difficult to enforce your existing enterprise IT requirements onto these silos in order to stay compliant and in control.

VMware Cloud on AWS faces both these challenges by delivering a consistent infrastructure across both your vSphere data center(s) and the global AWS cloud infrastructure. This jointly engineered solution delivers the best of both worlds: VMware’s leading compute, storage and network virtualization capabilities with support for a broad range of workloads and flexible consumption economics, an immense set of cloud services and the global scale and reach of AWS.

Benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS

Bridging that first gap of infrastructure and operational inconsistency is a very crucial first step. It realizes consistency and familiarity that leads to rapid cloud adoption and bi-directional workload portability between your VMware data center and the cloud. You can then start exploring specific use cases for your organization.

Are you facing a data center closure/evacuation or a hardware refresh in the near future? If so, then the cloud migration use case is relevant to you. Either choose an application specific migration or a data center wide migration and seamlessly migrate your workloads into the cloud.

If you are looking to accelerate your pace of innovation or if you are in need on-demand capacity, then explore the data center extension use case. Simply expand your IaaS footprint by adding virtually unlimited VMware Cloud on AWS resources or modernize your application landscape by natively integrating native AWS services.

Are you struggling with your Disaster Recovery strategy? Maybe you are looking to replace that high-cost existing DR solution, or you are now looking to implement a completely new DR solution for your VMware data center? In that case, the Disaster Recovery use case for VMware Cloud on AWS is of interest to you. Simply add the ability to seamlessly recover your workloads in VMware Cloud on AWS to your existing environment. You can even perform non-disruptive, on-demand testing anytime you want.

Do you want to increase IT agility while decreasing risk and complexity?

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