The DNA of every ITQ colleague contains passion. In most cases it is a passion for technology. This passion is reflected in the projects we carry out for clients to help them innovate. ITQ has now developed a service that also uses this passion to continue to assist our customers even after the project has been completed. This new service has been piloted in the past months and ITQ is pleased to introduce ITQ Support Service to the market now. Read more about the why, how and what of ITQ Support Service below.  

Why ITQ Support Service? 

We believe in the value of VMware technology. We believe that it adds value to your organization. However we see that many of our customers are dealing with a growing landscape of VMware technology. This can become increasingly complex. When there is insufficient knowledge and/or insufficient support in the production situation this can lead to two types of impact on your organization. A negative impact on business continuity and a negative impact on the focus and resources within the organization needed to create new business value with IT… In essence, we see three underlying problems:

  1. Technology / infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex. More and more different expertise is needed to design, build and maintain the entire VMware stack. In this day and age it is difficult to get new experts, let alone to retain all the knowledge you have in the organisation.
  2. Once we’ve implemented new technology a new problem arises. Where can your own IT staff go for help if the technology doesn’t work as it should? We’ve heard a lot of stories about inefficient support during our projects. We are often called in as consultants to help. We always do this with the best of intentions, but it is better to have a dedicated Support Service that is set up for a 24*7 service with a corresponding guarantee in response times.
  3. IT employees often have a multitude of different tasks and responsibilities. Gartner research has shown that 80% of all IT budget is spent on keeping IT operational and only 20% is available for innovation and renewal.

How does ITQ Support Service make a difference? 

These problems have prompted ITQ to launch its own 24/7 Support Service. Our distinctiveness lies in our colleagues:

  • They have world-class VMware skills
  • They have a helping mindset.
  • They want to provide proactive support.
  • They do not hide behind useless procedures and forms
  • They have knowledge of the customer organization.

World-class VMware skills 
All our colleagues have world-class VMware skills. ITQ is one of the very few companies in the world that has all six VMware Master Service Competencies showing our knowledge of the VMware technology.

Helping mindset 
All colleagues enjoy tackling problems, take ownership of your problem and go to great lengths to solve it.

Proactive support 
In addition to support, the ITQ Support Service also provides added value for the future.

No useless procedures and forms 
The ITQ Support colleagues do not like useless procedures and forms. That is why a problem report is immediately picked up by an experienced engineer who starts with a targeted approach, instead of being busy with a generic approach and standard protocols.

Knowledge of the organization 
Support is not a mass product: Processes and IT are different for every organization. It is therefore important to gain insight into the customers IT and processes so engineers can help more effectively in problem solving and improving the infrastructure.

What is ITQ Support Service? 

The ITQ Support Service consists of two parts: Reactive Support and Proactive Support.

Reactive Support 
Our ‘reactive’ approach helps our customers solve their issues. To do this our Support Service features highly-skilled 3rd-line VMware support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our senior engineers are all VMware experts with an integration mindset. Not only do they know about VMware technology, but they will also take into account the way it’s integrated with other components in the infrastructure. Customers have direct contact with senior engineers without the use of useless procedures and forms. Our transparent process gives continuous insight into the status of your support tickets.

What makes our reactive support more effective is our IT Maturity check. At the start of the Support Service our engineers put effort in getting to know your organization. Solving issues becomes more effective when we know the infrastructure, have an overview or roles and know what processes are in place.

Proactive support 
In addition to solving issues as fast as possible we believe that we should invest in lowering the chance of issues in the future. Therefor while resolving issues we use Root Cause Analysis to determine where the problem came from. That knowledge can help prevent the same issue from happening in the future. Additional elements of the proactive support are:

  • Healthcheck
  • ITQ Support Services performs at least an annual Healthcheck. During a Healthcheck the health of the installed and configured components is checked and the status quo is compared with, for example, best practices and new insights. A Healthcheck results in report with an overview of findings and advice to remedy these.
  • Monitoring
  • The optional Monitoring service helps prevent problems before they occur. ITQ proactively looks for issues in the infrastructure. If a (future) problem is found, a ticket is created in the system and the issue is fixed before it can be disruptive.
  • Update Service
  • If you have plans to provide components of the infrastructure with a major update, it is annoying if compatibility problems arise afterwards. Through ITQ Support’s Update Service, we make it possible to have a prior view of the potential impact of the update.

Curious how ITQ Support Service could benefit your organization now and in the future? Contact Paul Geerlings or Sjoerd Versteeg to discuss the benefits of using ITQ Support Service!

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