As of Oct 1st, 2022, ITQ has opened a branch office in Luxembourg.

“Today, I am very happy to announce the local team that will be driving our activities and supporting our customers in Luxembourg”, Tom Vallons, Managing Director for ITQ in Luxembourg and in Belgium, says. “With the Luxembourg entity, we will provide local presence and skills while leveraging global knowledge and capabilities, present in the ITQ Group. This means that we will be able to support local customers, in a variety of languages (English, French, German, Dutch), with our full portfolio of professional, managed and support services across the entire VMware ecosystem”.

After having started ITQ Luxembourg, we are proud to announce the onboarding of a strong and experienced team that will develop the Luxembourgish market, utilizing their extensive knowledge and business relations:

Olivier Habsch is an experienced business developer, bringing innovative solutions to enable digital transformation of enterprise customers.

Davy Stoffel is a seasoned architect and senior consultant, helping customers designing and deploying successful projects.

Stéphane Este-Gracias is an open-source advocate, with an eye for talent and organizational development, helping customers facilitate their cloud-native transformation.

Stéphane, Davy and Olivier

Representing ITQ in Luxembourg, Olivier, Davy and Stéphane will immediately elevate their experience with delivering end-to-end solutions for Cloud Native platforms and applications, bringing total solutions to our customers, including services, VMware licenses and Dell hardware. “Modernize applications and empowering DevOps teams to build, run and manage applications in al multi-cloud world is one of the top priorities for all our customers. Therefore, we are very happy ITQ Luxembourg will be able to support customers with this from day one”, according to Tom.

“Olivier, Davy and Stéphane will form an important competence center for Application Modernization in the ITQ Group, and will be contributing to the expansion and growth of ITQ’s solutions in this domain”, explains Tom, “but they won’t stop there. They will further grow the team and develop all five strategic solutions of ITQ, in close cooperation with our strategic partners VMware, Dell and Hashicorp.’

ITQ delivers more than independent services, ITQ sells end-to-end IT solutions in the following 5 domains:

Application Modernization: Our flexible and resilient Multi-Cloud Container Platform will help your business become more agile, effective and customer centric. While Cloud-Native App Development means you can replace legacy apps and build a modern digital customer experience.

Advanced Security: With Backup & Disaster Recovery you can always be sure that your business will always stay operational. Our Managed Security Apps will immediately deal with any ransomware and cybersecurity threats to ensure business functionality is secure and online 24/7.

Cloud Infrastructure: With Data Center Modernization you can optimize your cloud securely with no vendor lock-in. And a multi-cloud platform will give your business a modern cloud model that is flexible, scalable and portable.

Digital Workspace: A Modern Cloud Workspace creates a better user experience and allows collaboration between both colleagues and customers. Having a High-Performance Cloud Workspace will allow your business to break free from the confines of the desktop with compatibility across devices, even for high performance graphics and data computing-related tasks – providing secure access in real time.

IT Transformation Services: We combine our VMware knowledge and experience in optimizing people, processes and organizations to unlock the full potential and value related to your VMware investments. our customer overview

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