For a long time, Pivotal and ITQ have been partners in spirit. We were having very similar views on the future of development, platforms, and (multi) cloud. Today, we’re excited to announce Pivotal and ITQ have made this partnership official! ITQ joins Pivotal’s Ready Partner Program as one of the first European partners.

Over 2 years ago ITQ started on the cloud native journey, by recognizing real DevOps doesn’t work by just talking about it. What is needed is a platform to make Dev and Ops work together, and modern software development methodologies to iterate quickly and bring value to business every day. Immediately a match was found in Pivotal, a San Francisco based software and services company, which maintains the open source Cloud Foundry platform. A DevOps enablement platform which is natively multi cloud ready.

Today we have our cloud-native applications team building new and replatforming legacy applications to leverage the cloud’s full potential while we build and design Cloud Foundry installations on existing Software-Defined Data Centers so our customers are ready for the multi cloud future.

Now that Pivotal’s Ready Partner Program has been opened to European partners, the unwritten partnership is made official as ITQ joins the program.

We are looking forward to work together so we can convert our joint vision of the future into reality.

Johan van Amersfoort Chief Evangelist

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