Presentaties (60 minuten)

De sprekerslijst voor de komende editie van de HackInTheBox security conferentie in Amsterdam is indrukwekkend. Bekijk alvast welke onderwerpen aan bod komen, kies je favoriete talks en kom in de stemming voor 29 en 30 mei aanstaande!

The NSA Playset

Breaking Cloud Isolation

XSSing Your Way to Shell

REboot: Bootkits Revisited

Bitcoin Forensics: Fact or Fiction?

Exploiting Passbook to Fly for Free

Exploiting NoSQL Like Never Before

FRODO: Format Reverser of Data Objects

Compromise-as-a-Service: Our PleAZURE

G-Jacking AppEngine-based Applications

Exploring and Exploiting iOS Web Browsers

Reloading Java Exploits: Long Live Old JRE!

AIS Exposed: New Vulnerabilities and Attacks

Hacking Your Cable TV Network: Die Hard Style

Setup for Failure: More Ways to Defeat SecureBoot

Shellcodes for ARM: Your Pills Don’t Work on Me, x86

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: GRX and a Spy Agency

Exploit Development for New Platforms Based on 64-bits

Scalable Network Recon: Why Port Scans are for Pussies

State of the ART: Exploring the New Android KitKat Runtime

Legacy Sandboxing: Escaping IE11 Enhanced Protected Mode

JS Suicide: Using Javascript Security Features to Kill JS Security

In the Middle of Printers: The (In)Security of Pull Printing Solutions

LOL (Layers On Layers) – Bypassing Endpoint Security for Fun and Profit

Vulnerabilities Exposed at the Protocol Level in TN3270-based Applications

Alice’s Adventures in Smart Building Land – Novel Adventures in a Cyber Physical Environment

Lab sessies (120 minuten)

De HackInTheBox Labs zijn hands-on sessies met 75 tot 100 beschikbare plaatsen. Indien je een sessie wilt bijwonen, zorg dan dat je minstens 10 minuten voor aanvang aanwezig bent bij Track 3.

Sniffing the Airwaves with RTL-SDR

Tintorera: Attack Surface Intelligence of Source Code


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