The first ITQ consultant has reached the status of VMware Certified Design ExperVCDXt. This accreditation is so exclusive, every person gets his own number. We are very proud to announce that consultant Marco van Baggum is VCDX #223.


VMware Certified Design Expert is the highest level of certification somebody can reach. There are four area’s in which you can reach this certification: Cloud Management and Automation, Dekstop and Mobility, Network Virtualization and the area in which Marco achieved his VCDX Desktop Virtualization. At the moment only 11 people (including Marco) have reached this status in the Netherlands and only 8 are not employed by VMware. ITQ strives to have 5 VCDX certified consultants at the end of this year.

Journey to VCDX

To reach the status of VCDX, people need to pass a couple of Standard and Advanced exams. From there on they are allowed to apply for the VCDX Design Defense. A complete design based on VMware standards and all other documents (configuration guide, build guide, etc.) need to be send in for approval. When approved, the invitation for the official design defense is send. In the case of Marco, this was at the VMware Uk Headquarter in Staines-upon-Thames. A panel of design architects whom are highly skilled in VMware Enterprise Deployments ask technical questions about the design and questions about architectural choices which are made in the design. If the panel is convinced about the knowledge level of the author, he or she becomes an VCDX. This proves the design expert is peer-vetted to the highest standards.

Raising the bar

ITQ is very proud that Marco used his experience as Architect and Consultant to reach this accreditation as first consultant within ITQ. He raised the bar for his colleague’s and we are sure more will follow!



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