On March 19th the Dutch VMUG UserCon 2015 will take place. It is being held in Den Bosch and you can find the agenda here.

Most ITQers will attend the conference and two of us will even present a session. I will personally present a session together with Dennis on automation. The presentation title is “What Does This Button Do?” and we’ll be showing the power of automation. And this button:


What does it do? Join us on March 19th and find out. Hint: It does involve Orchestrator, Docker en some secret sauce.

Arnim van Lieshout from VMware and I will also be delivering a vRealize Orchestrator Bootcamp. It will be a 1,5 our session on the basics of vRO. So if you always wanted to get started on vRO but didn’t really know how the take this opportunity to pickup the basics of vRO.

Christiaan Roeleveld

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I was introduced to virtualization in 2004 and have grown addicted to the technology ever since. I like working with new technology, expand the possibilities and use it to the fullest. The last couple of years I have seen the power of infrastructure shift into software, the hardware has become less important, software is key. Software Defined will make the automation potential at the infrastructure level nearly endless. Below you can read my blogs, a personal automation blogsite can be found here .

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3 March 2015