Disclaimer: this is written for the Windows 8 Developer Preview

That’s a new property on the ListViewBase in Metro Style Windows 8 apps. ListView and GridView inherit from this base.

I think it’s a GREAT feature.. it allows the user to drag around items in the gridview or listview and animates this nicely:


But, there are some things you need to know to get it to work. First of all theAllowDrop property also needs to be set to true.

And the grid or list needs to be binded to a ObservableVector (no ObservableCollection is not good enough). But in the developer preview only an interface exists for this collection, so you have to make your own implementation or borrow one.. like this one.

One caveat remains.. the ObservableVector needs to be initialized with object as T, strong types will not work in the developer preview of windows 8. Like so:




Hope this helps.

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20 February 2012