I downloaded and installed Windows 8 Enterprise Edition, this version does not prompt you for a Product License Key during installation. This is probably because enterprise editions are meant for volume installation and activation.

When I tried to activate Windows 8 Enterprise Edition it gave me the following error:

Windows Can’t Be Activated Right Now” DNS error 0x8007232b

It did not show any link to change the product key.


I found out on Google that this needs to be done using the built-in SLUI tool.

Open a Command Prompt (as Admin) and run the following command:w any link to

slui 3



Enter the Product Key and Activate.


More from Slui.

SLUI is short for; SOFTWARE LICENSING USER INTERFACE, it has been arround since Vista.

The Options in Windows 8  are:

  1. SLUI  <no option>  shows the status of your current activation
  2. SLUI 3 shows the CHANGE PRODUCT KEY window
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20 February 2013