Early 2020, the world got hit by a global pandemic. The event can be seen as one of the biggest accelerators for the adoption of Digital Workspace solutions. Many organizations already had themes like working from home or bring your own device on their agenda and some even implemented it in a way or maybe even entirely.

In matter of just a couple of weeks or in some cases even days, teams who manage digital workspace solutions like a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or modern management infrastructure suddenly had to anticipate to the sudden scale and in most cases unanticipated growth and concurrency on those platforms.

The world has changed, but so has the Digital Workspace, especially from a security perspective. This white paper covers how security has become a key fundament of the Digital Workspace and how the most important security risks for an organisation can be mitigated with a solution called the VMware Anywhere Workspace. The following topics will be covered:

  • Ransomware
  • Risks of mobility and working from home
  • Conditional security measures
  • Misuse and abuse of a mobile device
  • Shadow IT

Johan has written this whitepaper together with Age Roskam. This whitepaper is available in English and Dutch for download.

The Digital Workspace Health Check offers you insights on the current health status of your digital workspace environment and provides you with detailed findings and recommendations. Our highly certified consultants deliver unprecedented knowledge and experience on VMware products. We help customers from strategy to execution to adoption. Covering technology, people & process capabilities, you get the benefits of the entire ITQ team.

Johan van Amersfoort has given the webinar “Zero Trust in a Digital Workspace – Why, How, What”.  In this webinar, Johan dived into a hot topic called Zero Trust, but from an EUC perspective. Did you miss this webinar or do you want to see it again? Download the slides and the recording here

Watch our ITQonversations video (in Dutch) with Johan van Amersfoort and Henk Willemse about the Anywhere Workspace, a newly announced workplace concept from VMware.

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