When I was only 8 years old, I already knew how to program (basic/pascal). In 2002, I started my career in IT in the Small-and-Medium sized Enterprise (SME) market, where I developed my first knowledge about datacenter-technologies and in particular virtualization. During my career, I gained broad experience in all segments of the datacenter (compute, storage, networking, security, automation and (hybrid) cloud management) for large Enterprises. I’ve seen customers struggling keeping up with the pace of technology-innovations, at the point where they lost their focus on the business that drives their company. Software and virtualization (not the hardware!) are now the main driver for all customers in this new era, where digital business is the new standard. Applying virtualization in all layers of a Software Defined Datacenter is the best way for customers to accommodate the new digital business needs. My passion for technology and my ambition to support customers in this new digital era are my motivators. Quality, clear communication and a never-ending search for new technology-knowledge are my ethics.

Dennis Lefeber Virtualization Consultant

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