I ran into the following license error the other day..

I needed to change the license after the automated installation. I wanted to change from the temporary license to the official license bundle we use in vCenter, both are vSphere 4 Enterprise licenses.


The following features will become unavailable:

  • VMotion
  • Storage VMotion

After double checking i chose to ignore the Downgrade warning and clicked OK. I was glad to see all features kept working.

Paul Geerlings

Author Paul Geerlings

I am used to working in Enterprise IT environments since 1997, in technical as well as architect roles. It is my passion to implement new technologies and share my experience within a team. To me x86 virtualization is a synonym for VMware, i have been working with their products since 2004, there simply is no enterprise alternative. The VMware hypervisor was so disruptive back then, one can easily speak of two IT eras, one without and one with x86 virtualization using VMware technology. The next wave we are riding is Software Defined I am convinced this will proof to be almost as disruptive.

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23 January 2013