We just had VMworld US 2018 with lots of new exciting announcements and VMware just released Horizon 7.6. Horizon 7.6 including a new Horizon Client 4.9, App Volumes 2.14 and User Environment Manager 9.5.  I’ll discuss what’s new with UEM 9.5 and some tips and tricks in a separate blogpost. Let’s dive into the most important new features in 7.6!

Connection Server

Horizon 7 subscription licenses

With this release you can now use VMware Horizon Cloud Connector to manage subscription based licenses to a Horizon Cloud Node. You no longer need to manually enter a license key. The Cloud Connector is a Photon based appliance that is deployed as an OVF. It only needs an outbound connection on port 443.
What's New In Horizon 7.6
The subscription based licenses are checked every 10 days. If the licenses are no longer valid, a renewal reminder is shown in the administrator console.

You can always turn off the Cloud Connector and switch back to a perpetual license with a license key.


RDS-per-device CAL

With this release you can no longer configure RDS per-device CAL storage options from the Horizon Administrator console. RDS per-device-calls are now stored only on the client device by default. If you install Horizon 4.9 client on a Windows client device with an RDS-per-device CAL, it will always present that license.

Horizon 7.6 is supported on vSphere 6.5 Update 2 with vSAN!

Horizon Agent

With this new release you can enable Serial Port Redirection for published desktops and applications. In prior releases this was only possible in a VDI desktop. Now you can map USB-devices that work on a specific COM Port to a published application or desktop. For example, certain speech devices that only work on a specific COM port or hand scanners. This feature requires Horizon Client 4.9.

Another cool new feature is redirecting geolocation information from windows client devices to remote desktops and published applications. You can enable this option when you install the horizon agent. Now you can redirect users to a specific URL based on their location. This feature also requires the latest client.

They also made improvements to HTML 5 Multimedia Redirection and Livestreaming is now supported!

Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS

What's New In Horizon 7.6
With this release, they announced a lot of new features on VMware Cloud 1.5 on AWS.You start with a 2 node cluster which you can easily scale up and down with the support of Elastic DRS on a Stretched Cluster. Compute Affinity Policies are supported!

Microsoft Virtualization Based Security is now also supported. VBS uses the Windows hypervisor to create this virtual secure mode, and to enforce restrictions which protect vital system and operating system resources, or to protect security assets such as authenticated user credentials. With the increased protections offered by VBS, even if malware gains access to the OS kernel the possible exploits can be greatly limited and contained, because the hypervisor can prevent the malware from executing code or accessing platform secrets.

With this release you can create Instant Clone Desktop Pools with the virtual Trusted Platform module (vTPM) enabled.

Instant Clones, NSX-T, vSAN Encryption, App Volumes without User Writable Volumes, and the option to mount on host are available as a technical preview.

Now you can manage user- and applications settings with User Environment Manager on AWS.

For all the new features check out the release notes or the VMware Horizon 7 v7.6 Technical What’s New Overview Video.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plMYK9eA_C8?feature=oembed&w=1200&h=675]


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