The idea of a dream job changes as you get older. For me, that was in the late 90's when my IT career started. At that time, I worked day and night on my computer and every click on the keyboard was interesting. I liked to learn, that's why I spent a lot of time at work.

After about 25 years, I needed a work-life balance. At the age of 50 and after working at the same company for 16 years, it was very difficult to switch to another job.

I wanted a job where I can still develop and learn. That remains interesting every day and is well paid, but the most important thing was the balance between work and private life and of course working in a good team and having good colleagues. The colleagues who are better than you and you learn from them every day and you have fun with them. They will never let you down.

Some friends thought I was crazy and said I was looking for a dream job 😊 Exactly! I was indeed looking for that dream job and I found it at ITQ.

You don't have to be Ronaldo or Messi to play in the Champions League. Even they need a trusted team to be the best. Only believe in yourself then you can work in Champions League IT company next to the best. I did it so you can do it too. I work for Champions League IT company with VMware EUC Dream team now. Still can't believe it exists 😊

Not sure what my dream job will be after 10 years. Maybe somewhere with a cocktail in my hand lying on the beach and getting paid 😉 but at the moment I'm living my dream job at ITQ and I'm happy.

Are you also looking for your dream job, please contact me and maybe you will find it at ITQ. I will be very happy to help you! 😊

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