Start with a new vm and Rocky 8.5 from here

Install Docker with this manual

sudo usermod -aG docker $USER
sudo systemctl enable docker

Install Homebrew first!

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Install Kubernetes (kubectl) with homebrew

brew install kubectl
kubectl version --client

Install git

sudo yum install -y git

now i started with the installation of TCE with version v0.10.rc.2

#this is for v0.10 of TCE
#untar it
tar -xvf tce-linux-amd64-v0.10.0-rc.2.tar.gz
#run the installer

If you wanted to install the current main release with homebrew which is 0.9 at the time of writing this:

brew install vmware-tanzu/tanzu/tanzu-community-edition

Now finally we can start with the creation of our managent cluster!

tanzu management-cluster create --ui
i used all defaults and a random name for the cluster

After the deployment of our management succeeds we can get our workload cluster deployed!

#Capture the management cluster’s kubeconfig and take note of the command for accessing the cluster in the message, as you will use this for setting the context in the next step.
tanzu management-cluster kubeconfig get hollemgmt --admin
#Set your kubectl context to the management cluster.
kubectl config use-context hollemgmt-admin@hollebolle
#Validate you can access the management cluster’s API server.
kubectl get nodes
#Create your workload cluster
tanzu cluster create holleworkload --plan dev

Of course you can read all of this in the documentation but i found it usefull to log my own installation in this article. Also good to know is i failed the deployment of TCE on ubuntu on different steps so i tried another version of Tanzu and another Distro (Rocky) and that worked for me. Also now doing v0.10 on Elementary OS works very good without fails.

What i do want to add as a closing thought is you have to redeploy TCE whenever you restart your docker or system but the time it takes to deploy it is 15 minutes so doable but i hope this gets resolved in the future.

here some of my failure screenshots :

bootstrap failed with v.09
Stuck on here with cert-manager 🙁

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