We’re here to help you realize a fresh way of delivering healthcare, reducing costs and complexity – and ultimately, improving patient care. We’ll work closely with you to ensure medical professionals have secure, easy access to information all day, every day, regardless of location.

Our team are on the edge of cutting edge when it comes to digital transformation projects. They’re ready to fundamentally change the way you deliver your IT. Increasing flexibility and efficiency, whilst never undermining patient information confidentiality and security. Whether it’s using VMware or another solution, we’ll find the perfect answer for you.

The power of VMware NSX

We can create an innovative solution using VMware NSX that can mitigate significant risks and provides new possibilities that aren’t possible with legacy security solutions, such as physical firewalls and IPS/IDS systems. By using third-party integration with products such as SIEM systems, IDS/IPS agents, next-generation firewalls and vulnerability monitoring tools, VMware NSX allows you to extend its functionality as well as the third-party system integrating with it. It’s a very clever piece of technology. With it, you’ll have the freedom to grow and adapt as necessary.

Better all round

It all adds up to better patient care, data security and information accessibility for doctors everywhere. Whilst at the same time providing efficient, flexible care. It’s a win win scenario. We’re ready to transform your businesses or healthcare institution, please get in touch today here.


Take the next step in delivering healthcare, reducing costs and improving patient care. Contact me and I’m happy to tell you more about our approach.

Thom Vessies

Sales Manager

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How we work

Working closely with you, we can improve any aspect of your healthcare service

Detailed assessments

Each project is unique, so we’ll deliver a detailed IT roadmap that plans, analyses and gives direction to implementation.

Making it happen

We’ll help to ensure your strategy is executed smoothly, efficiently and with the least amount of disruption to your business.

Precise design

We’ll design the best data centre and end-user environment to fit your needs and support your business and future goals.

A guiding hand

Our experts will be there to ensure quality, help prevent any surprises and make sure you’re very satisfied with the end result.

Vision, Knowledge & Excecution

We specialize in all areas of IT & VMware for every part of your business.

End-User Computing

Create one workspace for any service or app on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Software-Defined Data Center

With incredible performance and exceptional flexibility, a Software-Defined Data Center is right for all forward thinking businesses.

Hybrid Cloud

Combining on-premises and external Cloud services for greater performance, flexibility and control.

Cloud-Native Applications

Let your developers and IT build, run and manage Cloud-Native applications with ease.

IT Transformation Services

Transform the way your business works to achieve your system’s maximum agility and efficiency.


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Every need is different – every project asks for a new approach. Something we’re only too pleased to do. And we’re ready to do the same for you.

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