ITQ Flex is the ideal solution for businesses looking for greater flexibility, savings and control over their VMware environments


ITQ is introducing ITQ Flex, a Private Cloud solution that offers you the flexibility to utilize your on-premises VMware software in a manner similar to the Public Cloud. You are billed based on actual usage, allowing you to easily scale up or down at your convenience.

Is your company in search of a more adaptable VMware licensing agreement? If so, ITQ Flex could be the perfect solution. ITQ Flex allows you to utilize VMware just as you would with a Public Cloud service, but without the high costs. With ITQ Flex, your monthly payments are determined by your actual usage, based on allocated or reserved GB RAM, used storage space in GB and/or the number of simultaneous users, depending on the product you use.

Below are some advantages that our clients have already experienced with this solution:

Clients want the option to scale up or down every month. With this model, you pay monthly for what you have actually used, following the ‘pay-as-you-go’ principle.
You are no longer bound to a long-term contract, which means you can easily adapt your IT environment to your changing requirements. Other advantages of the OpEx model compared to the CapEx model include lower costs, flexibility in scaling up and down, limited risk through payment for use and benefits in accounting.
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