ITQ delivers services on your digital transformation journey. Our goal is to drive successful adoption of technology by focusing on technology, people and process capabilities. Our strategy services align IT initiatives to desired business outcome and our design, implementation and migration services ensure successful delivery of technology.


We focus on creating a digital foundation for our customers. With the realization of the “any cloud” vision with VMware Cloud, cloud is no longer a place, but an operating and consumption model. This means that modernizing data centers using on-premises, multi or native cloud technology is a key focus area for ITQ.

App Modernization

We build cloud-native platforms and we modernize applications for our customers. We refactor existing applications into cloud-native applications and build greenfield modern apps that run on VMware Tanzu container and application platforms, on-premises and in the public cloud.

Digital Workspace

The Digital Workspace is at the heart of every digital transformation journey. We help customers transition from an IT centric and rigid workspace into a user centric digital workspace that’s designed to maximize employee productivity and employee satisfaction.

Intrinsic Security

We protect Apps and Data by leveraging the infrastructure. With VMware Carbon Black Cloud, we protect endpoints , identities, workloads, clouds and network infrastructures. Security is no longer bolted on and siloed but intrinsically part of the platform.

Virtual Cloud Network

We deliver a consistent network fabric for the multi-cloud journey of our customers using VMware NSX. We deliver capabilities to completely software-define the network across data centers, clouds and edge locations, for traditional and modern apps. Consistent, elastic and secure.

ITTS (IT Transformation Services)

ITTS will help you to unlock the full potential and value related to your VMware technology investments based on our Transformation Services and our VMware knowledge and experience in optimising people, process and organisations in combination with VMware Technology.

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Jeffrey Kusters


Field CTO and double VCDX #252 on Data Center Virtualization and Network Virtualization.

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