Migrating to the cloud is a strategic imperative for many organisations. However, we’ve seen many ambitious transformations struggle and slow to a grinding halt before delivering much value. Most often this can be traced back to a lack of planning and trusting unproven assumptions.

The successful transformations include these critical ingredients:

  • an agile application portfolio analysis based on experimentation over theory
  • a clear application transformation strategy
  • a clear path to production
  • a trusted modern (container based) landing platform

The App Navigator lays the foundation for the first ingredients, resulting in an outcome- and evidence based roadmap for your cloud migration. Covering not just applications and technology but also organizational setup and way of working, it provides the starting point for the road ahead.

The App Navigator Service leaflet is written in Dutch.

Talking about technology, any cloud migration will critically depend on a container based platform to land a percentage of the workloads on. Most often spinning up a container platform is not a challenge, but operationalizing it and using it in production is another step. Robert Kloosterhuis has given the webinar “Tanzu for Beginners” where he goes into the different flavors of Kubernetes VMware currently has on offer, and the steps involved in building a production ready platform.

If you missed this webinar, or you want to see it again, download the slides and the recording here.

There are crucial ingredients to consider beyond just adopting technology. In this ITQonversations video, Ruurd Keizer and Rouven Besters step beyond technology and discuss the challenges organizations face in their application modernization journey, and how VMware – often considered as just an infrastructure player – can help.

Do you want to know more about our Application Modernization Solutions? Feel free to visit our Solution page and download the solution overview.

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