We’re passionate about Cloud-Native applications (apps) and the difference they can make to a client’s business. We’ll help create infrastructure that lets your developers and IT build, run and manage Cloud-Native apps with ease. A way of working that increases security, efficiency and accelerates business innovation.

Modernize Apps

Organizations run hundreds or even thousands of applications. These vary from traditional applications built as monoliths to cloud-native applications built with microservices. While they are built at different times for different environments, they are all crucial to your business. Using VMware technology, we allow you to Build, Run and Manage ANY application across ANY cloud. 

The Cloud Native Foundation Landscape contains over 1.300 individual solutions for Application Development, Provisioning, Observability & Analysis and so on. The evolution in this space is at such a high pace, it is becoming increasingly more complex to design, build and maintain an unstructured Modern Apps platform yourself using all these individual components. The integration alone will consume a lot of your team’s resources.  That’s why we strongly believe you should focus on building, running and managing applications, not on designing, building and integrating different point solutions into a DIY platform. 

Using VMware cloud-native technology, we deploy opiniated Modern Apps platforms across any cloud that drive developer velocity. We make off-the-shelf components readily available to your teams in a curated, customized and secured way. Developers shouldn’t care about the underlying cloud infrastructure (i.e. the platform) nor should they waste time chasing tickets. We see developer productivity increased tremendously at our customers.

here is my source code
run it on the cloud for me
i do not care how

“cf push” haiku

Modern Application Platform across Clouds

With Kubernetes slowly becoming the de facto “platform for platforms”, we see Dev and Ops converging on Kubernetes, bridging the gap between these worlds:


Take the next step and let your apps run on a next-gen Cloud-Native platform. Contact me and I’m happy to tell you more about the possibilities.

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VMware is adopting Kubernetes as a “key developer technology” and is putting it at the heart of VMware vSphere and the new VMware Tanzu product family. Kubernetes is becoming the new extensible foundation for agile Modern Apps platforms to Build, Run and Manage modern applications consistently across a multi-cloud environment:

Our highly skilled and certified Application Architects, Cloud-Native Consultants and Platform Engineers build Modern Apps platforms on-premises, and in the public cloud. Leveraging the Kubernetes-based VMware Tanzu product family, they help you modernize your applications, allow you to consume Kubernetes across clouds and maintaining enterprise observability and control.

Application Modernization in Days and Weeks, Not Months and Years

In software development, organizations have typically developed layers of manual processes designed to minimize risk and ensure compliance. As a result, software releases are often infrequent, high-ceremony events that require heroism and brute force. This bleak status quo is untenable for businesses that want to compete and win in the digital age. The question you need to answer is simply: “how can I modernize my most important apps, so I can get new features to production faster?”

Leveraging their application modernization experience at hundreds of enterprises across the world, Pivotal, now part of VMware, created four tenets for successful App Modernization. ITQ has built an Application Transformation practice on these four tenets:

  1. Start small: Even if your portfolio contains thousands of apps, start with a single business unit and a handful of applications that matter.
  2. Automate everything: Use test-driven development, continuous integration, and continuous deployment to reduce manual process time and SDLC cost.
  3. Learn by doing: Inform strategy and build new skills through hands-on effort, rapid feedback, measuring results, and by creating a cookbook of patterns as you go.
  4. Break things down: Iterate quickly and continually on “thin slices” of complex systems

Together with your DevOps teams, we implement a modernization methodology that leverages cloud-native patterns and continuous delivery (CD) automation across your existing application portfolio. Our approach defines incremental steps that gradually increase the cloud maturity of existing systems, the automation in your software development life cycle, and the knowledge of your team.


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