Highly-skilled and pro-active support of your VMware environment. We quickly solve issues with our expert professionals and deliver quality of service with a pro-active approach.

Impact on your business

During our regular engagements we see a lot of our customers struggling with the same issues:

  • Complexity of infrastructure goes up and specialists are harder to find and retain.
  • Support parties are ineffective and you are thrown in the same protocols every time you reach out.
  • Employees have limited focus, shifting their attention between solving issues and developing business value.

These problems frequently impact their business in the same two ways. The first way comes down to impact on business continuity (think of issues that are not solved or not fast enough; resulting in downtime and loss of business). According to Gartner; the cost of downtime on average costs $5600 per hour.  The second way is the impact on IT value. Employees simply lack time to focus on developing IT value for your company. Time spent on solving issues cannot be spend on creating value. We think that’s a waste of time, resources and energy.

Qualitative value

  • Guarantee on fast highly-skilled & transparent support
  • Better guarantee on structural healthy environment
  • Quick access to knowledge
  • Increase your employee satisfaction

Cost reduction

  • Reallocate own support capacity on strategic changes
  • Faster incident resolution
  • Better utilization of your infra environment

Cost avoidance

  • Preventing increase of staffing costs
  • Reduced outages that impact business services
  • Prevention of incidents

What we do

ITQ Support Services features highly-skilled level VMware support. While delivering VMware support we have an integration mindset. Not only do we help resolve issues, we also use Root Cause Analysis to determine where the problem came from and we use problem management to solve the issues. Customers will have direct contact with senior engineers that follow a no protocol approach. We won’t ask you the “have you turned it on and off again” questions.

Our transparent process gives continuous insight into the status of your support tickets. We will keep you up to date of the progress.

Our support service features pro-active services to make your infrastructure even better. Regular healthchecks and an update service for VMware developments are included in the service. HealthChecks will give you insight in the current status of your infrastructure and what to do to improve it. The Update Service will help you predict if updates in your infra will result in problems. We will help you reduce issues in the future.

World class VMware skills as Foundation

All  ITQ’ers  have a helping mindset. This shows in our support service. We adopt  your problem and solve it for you. This shows in our approach too: Direct  contact with an experienced engineer that helps you solve the problem. You  won’t be run through protocols with standard solutions. Our engineers have  inside knowledge of your organisation to help you even better. We know what  you want to achieve and what your IT environment looks like. That way we help  you solve issues quicker and reduce the amount of issues in the future. This will  be our focus so you focus on creating business value.

Sjoerd Versteeg Account Manager

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