Recently, the full list of speakers for HITB2014AMS has been published. Here, you’ll find a selection of the diverse and impressive topics and speakers to get in the hacking mood!


REboot: Bootkits Revisited Samuel Chevet
Since the beginning, bootkit implementations have not really evolved. The same techniques are used to compromise the system boot process – often involving on the fly code modification. In this presentation, a new way of implementing bootkits for Windows x64 platforms and an innovatively designed bootkit for x64 machines named “REboot” are introduced.

Exploiting Passbook to Fly for FreeAnthony Hariton
The topic of this talk is modern civil aviation and how to use tools available to everyone to forge passes and look into methods of getting into the Security Restricted Area and even more importantly into the flight we desire.

XSSing Your Way to ShellHans-Michael Varbaek
Cross-Site Scripting isn’t new, but there is generally a large belief among vendors, corporations and even some hackers that XSS can only be used to conduct client-side attacks. This talk dives into finding a 0day in a web application, creating a basic payload, and then; the development of an idea, that becomes an asynchronous JavaScript payload able to use any administrative feature enabling the attacker to execute arbitrary code on the server.

Hacking Your Cable TV Network: Die Hard StyleRahul Sasi
This talk will cover the vulnerabilities of cable TV networks, specifically the following topics:
1) Reverse engineering firmwares
2) Locating your attack targets
3) Web Applications – finding critical implementation bugs
4) Network layer attacks on these devices

Bitcoin Forensics: Fact or Fiction?Neyolov Evgeny
Without a doubt, Bitcoin is the currency of the new age. Despite increased media attention this area is still full of rumors and pitfalls. Important but non-obvious things will be explained in this talk as well as ideas about why a system based on cryptography doesn’t mean anonymity by default. We will be show how to analyze pseudo-anonymous money flaws and how to hide traces. Also, an analysis of famous cases of a cybercrime world (Silk Road, Sheep Marketplace) will be presented.

Sniffing the Airwaves with RTL-SDRYashin Mehaboobe
This lab session will be about using RTL-SDR to sniff various wireless communication devices such as wireless door openers, car keyfobs, aircraft communication and ship broadcasting. Attendees will also be shown how a $20 dongle can be used in decoding satellite communications as well as some other data in the same band such as telemetry data from the Chinese Yutu moon rover.


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