Many organizations are currently in the process of transforming to the cloud. Their aim often combines a desire to be more agile, efficient, and scalable, with saving costs or changing investment model. But most of these transformations fail to meet their intended goals.

Cloud transformations are often complex in nature, so proper planning is extremely important. At the same time, too much advance planning can slow the whole process down, and assumptions need to be made which often become outdated before the actual work even begins.

Our approach is different: the first step in a cloud migration is to have a good strategy, and that starts with the application landscape. We’ve designed our Application Navigator to map out your application landscape, so that together we can draw up your organization’s strategy and roadmap to application modernization. We do this in an agile way, making use of automated tooling and hands-on testing to limit any risks and get started as soon as possible.

We check your current technology and methods, but it’s much more than just a technical exercise. We also establish how important your applications are for the organization—based on pre-defined scoring criteria for security, stability, speed of development, scalability, and savings. We also examine the entire chain from requirement to production, and consult with your teams to work out where improvements can be made to deliver maximum value to (internal) customers.

Ultimately, we don't just provide advice—we’re also happy to get involved. We work together with your organization to upgrade your applications and find new, improved ways of working.

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Our unique approach in 3 simple steps

We see IT as a continuous conversation. That’s why we work with a long-term view to help you plan strategically, work efficiently and face the challenges causing the biggest impacts on your organisation.

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Step 1

Consult & Envision

We’ll work closely to develop a strategic roadmap and align our technology to your business requirements, so you can reach your goals.

Step 2

Build & Implement

Our experts will focus on implementing your chosen solutions effectively in a way that will create powerful and transformative business change.

Step 3

Manage & Improve

You’ll have consistent access to managed, reported & monitored services, as well as dedicated consulting to ensure proactive, continuous improvements with strategic improvement planning.

Challenges we like to solve

Want to develop Cloud-Native Apps?

Want to develop real Cloud-Native Apps? From two releases a year to continuous delivery? We work with multidisciplinary teams and an agile approach supported by the right tools.

Developers 100% focused on coding?

Some developers waste up to 30% of their productive time stuck on tickets getting things delivered. We can help—so you can focus 100% on coding.

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