VMworld is always one of the highlights of the year and we are very proud that we can join one of the biggest virtualization conferences of the world with so many colleagues! This year my colleagues Maarten Caus, Samir Verkuijlen, Kabir Ali and Michael van de Gaer will give you a short overview of their days at VMworld 2019 Europe. Check out the highlights of the first day!

The highlights of Maarten Caus at VMworld 2019 – day 1

Today I had a great VCDX workshop. Existing VCDX s talked about their own experiences. What the requirements are to pass and other great tips and tricks! The most important was read the blueprint. Everything you need to know to is in there and reach out to the community for help.

In the afternoon I had another workshop about deep learning and vGPU’s. It was an awesome session about what types of machine learning there are and how they leveraged vGPU’s as compute.

For me the best moment of the day was one of our founders Francisco Perez was on stage during the partner General session. He talked about how we obtained the 4 master service competencies and how closely we work with VMware.


The highlights of Samir Verkuijlen at VMworld 2019 – day 1
As the first day slowly has coming to its end, a lot of great impressions has stayed with me. In fact, for me this is already one of the best Partner Days in comparison with previous editions.

As I blogged before, VMware is going full in on creating a Hybrid Cloud Platform. This was once again clearly in an awesome personal partner session I had today, about NSX-T and its future roadmap, which I will talk more about in the upcoming blogpost. But a quick scoop is that VMware is going to take security to the next step with NSX-T.

Even though, how awesome this special partner sessions may have been, the biggest highlight of the day was of course seeing our own boss Francisco coming on stage at the General Partner Forum session @ VMworld. I felt so immensely proud to be part of this great company and culture, and I think that many of my colleagues has felt the same. It is amazing to see how big a small company can be, and that our own boss(es) stay so down to earth and stay so connected with us even after all these amazing achievements we’ve had this last year.

Proud & Happy to be part of ITQ and VMworld again this year 😁

The highlights of Kabir Ali at VMworld 2019 – day 1

The biggest highlight of day one was, seeing Franscisco (cofounder of ITQ) on stage during the general session. Even though I joined ITQ recently I feel extremely proud to be a member of this cool family! And then to realize how it all started and looking where ITQ is right now, it’s just amazing.

The second coolest thing of today is APC APC APC and once more APC! APC stands for all what vSAN is, Availability, Performance, Capacity. Down to the core that’s what vSAN is all about. Paul McSharry took us in a four hour journey to explain all there is to know about vSAN. In the end vSAN can be broken down into three things, APC! One of the cool parts of vSAN 6.7 U3 is the pre-check when putting a host into maintenance. You get an overview of the impact on vSAN objects as well as vSAN cluster capacity. This really helps in preventing accidental outages.

The highlights of Michael van de Gear at VMworld 2019 – day 1

It’s my first VMworld ever and the first day has been an educational journey! Together with some ITQ colleagues we started of the day with the VCDX workshop. They shared with us clear tips and thorough information on how to embark upon the VCDX road. The VCDX community is always willingly to help and it all starts with reading the Blueprint.

Next up I joined a session about VCF and HCX. The different architecture types were explained (Consolidated & Standard) as well as a demo of a workload domain deployment. Later in the session HCX was also outlined + demos were given on migrating a KVM VM into the vSphere atmosphere, migration a VM to the cloud followed by a network extension from your on-prem environment to the cloud. Impressive!

The most amazing moment of the day was during the Partner General session where Francisco Perez (one of ITQ’s founders) was invited on the stage to talk about our partnership with VMware and how we as ITQ achieved our 4 master server competencies! Really proud to be part of this team!!

The day ended with a delicious ITQ dinner and a vBeers in Barcelona! Looking forward to Day 2!!

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